Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Mom

Wow I wanted to post this earlier but have been unable due to the fact that I'm confined to my crate lately cause of my fighting with my brother.
Today is my wonderful mom's birthday and I don't know if Dad has anything planned for her but I know I plan on giving her tons and tons of kissies. She is the most awesomest mom one could ever ask for. She gives such good lovies and she's got a glow about her like you wouldn't believe. So mom Happy Birthday.

Loves, kissies, hugs,

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good morning world!
Do I have to beg for some snow! I mean I see all of the rest of the country getting snow and yet my puppy butt can't seem to get more tha a little dusting. This is BULL! I saw out West they got FEET of snow ok I don't think I want FEET of snow but ya know maybe just a foot?! Am I asking too much?! I haven't seen snow since I was a young pup and now that I'm a one year old snow is important to me to see if I have a need to play in it. Mom says for some reason it would be fun and quite frankly I don't remember so there is a need in my bones to see snow. So umm whoever is in charge of making snow and sending it my way could I get some please? Not alot mind you but enough to have fun in.

Wirey hugs,

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sorry I've been not posting

Hey all!
I'm going to appologize for not posting as much as I used to but we've been busy around here with mom and her new hard classes. She's been enjoying them and learning new things which with mom is ALWAYS a good thing.
Mom has a new picture for me to post of my brother and myself. We're snuggling in bed about to go to sleep. We've been getting along pretty well but he's got some issues. He needs to stop playing so rough. I'm glad to see my friends Fee, Party and Mango are back to blogging more frequently. Hopefully they will continue to keep up with the blogging. I promise to try to blog a bit more often if mom's homework and school life permit. Well I've got not much else to post about so I'm going to sign off. Have a good night folks. Talk to you soon.

Wirey hugs,