Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Countdown to the Dogswalk Against Cancer

Oh man the mail came in today and we found out that the dogswalk against cancer is May 6 2007. Mom says though she thought she read something about it being a 3 day weekend thingy. That'd be cool too! Oh how much fun was that last year. Mom, Grandma, and myself went last year to Bear Mountain State Park and it was a blast! The walk was nice and the scenery was terrierific. Oh and the best part? I got to meet new doggies and I got loads of treats! How fun!I can't wait. Now mommy has to find people to donate money for such a worthy worthy cause. This is one cause that is close to my mom and grandma's heart since they lost a dog a few years ago to cancer. So I will step up and volunteer my time and walk for a GREAT cause.
Mom says she will ask people at her school and then maybe the ladies at the dog walk that we do in the nicer months. Mom told me she got an email from the ladies and they apparently went last weekend in the cold snowy weather. Nope not me I'd freeze out there or so mom says. She probably means herself. I'm hoping to get some money up so that we can help other animals out there fight and find a cure against cancer. It is quite a harsh disease to get and mom and I would like to help as much as possible. Mom says that hopefully by then she'll be working and will be able to see if her co-workers can help with some money.
We will of course have to bring my brother and I hear from Mom that Daddy is off that weekend too so that will mean that Daddy can go this year with us. Sorry grandma. I'm sure she'll want to tag along too. I don't blame her all those cool doggies in one place and of course us foxies too! I think I was the only one there last year so at least this year it'll be me and my brother. Or as mom puts it my shadow. Ahh the countdown begins.

Wirey hugs,

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ohh how I've been tricked

Oh how I've been tricked! I got up this morning thinking today was going to be a day full of treats. My own Grandmother was the first one to trick me. She let me out this morning with a promise of a car ride. She knows how much I love car rides. So we get ready this morning I got my sweatshirt on since according to the mean women in my life I needed to keep warm we all four oh because we can't forget my brother got into the car and off we go! Oh how much fun I was having riding along with my mom and grandma. I particularly love to ride in the car and whenever I go for a ride I'm quite content to not boss them around and just let them drive me wherever they would like to go. Well we were going a different way and I thought to myself ooh a new park? or could it be a new place to go for a walk? or could we be going to my favorite store? Oh no we stop at this little store that wasn't even open when I got there. The lady shows up a few minutes after we do and she lets us into her store. Oh goody TREATS! Oh geez she was nice and friendly and talked nice to me and took off my collar and leash. Well stupid me should have thought something was up when my women left me with stupid I mean Romeo. Well this woman who I found out isn't nice took out her clippers and turned on that gawd awful sound and proceeded to buzz me and my hair went off! Apparently Grandma told them to go short because now I'm bald! I guess it's a good thing I have a sweater to wear. Well the good thing is she let me roam free and play with other doggies(mom: they have humping issues & liked to be the bad boys and bully other dogs) So I'm happy to report that I was not the only one in this family getting trimmed down. But alas I digress. We then got to lay in the lady's nice front window and patrol anyone that dared walk by. I was really waiting for my evil women but they came 3 hours late. So when mom and grandma finally got there we were treated to a trip to PETCO! Oh how fun we got loads of compliments on how handsome we are and then we got to shop. Oh we got a couple of greenies and some biscuits and we even got our food. Oh how they made up for it. So we got home and I complained to my father who believe it or not is not on my side! I am telling you my friends it is a conspiracy. Next time I hear a countdown I'm going to just hide. I've included some pictures for all to admire. I must say I do clean up handsome that's for sure!
My brother & me
me protesting these pictures!

Being the goofball that I am

Showing her how handsome I can be

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Birthday to my pal Gussie in AZ. Gussie it sure sounds like you had a great birthday! May you have many many more.

Wirey hugs,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Well I'm posting my Happy Valentine's Day a day late. Mom was playing nurse to dad who was and I quote"hugging the porcelain throne" Mom was glad to help dad back to health but I think she wasn't looking forward to that being her romantic holiday. Poor Poor Mom. She has a job interview tomorrow. Dad's going for a better position at his job. Hopefully he gets it. Mom had off again today due to the snow. Man talk about a nice day home. She was just upset because school didn't close until the next morning and she says she would have liked to have slept in. That's ok I would have woken her up soon enough for my morning duties. They rented some movies and have been vegged out in their bedroom snuggled with Romeo and myself. What more could a pup ask for? They even let me run crazy through the snow off lead. Now that was a blast. I'm not sure how much snow we got but it's enough to make me have some fun in the house. Mom says she's pleased to report that I'm listening and following the trainer's homework that she gave my family. She's quite impressed with how well I listen. I didn't realize there was a problem with my listening skills. I thought I listened fine just like a terrier whenever I chose to. I think it's not how mom wanted it to be. Sorry mom. I keep hearing Grandma saying something about just two more days boys. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I hope the trainer lady isn't coming back. I'll keep you guys updated though.
Well I hope everyones holiday was good and you guys got lots of love and some treats. I'm off to watch another movie.

Wirey hugs,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

We got snow!

Wow I can't believe it finally snowed here last week. It was so awesome mom let me outside to play in it for a while. Oh how sweet that was. I guess Bussie's little prayer work for me because
next thing you know we got snow!

Mom decided that she would throw some snowballs at me and they were fun to catch. I even had mom take some pictures of me playing in the snow.
I even helped mom shovel a bit. She says I wasn't all that helpful but really what does she know?
I did get mom to laugh at me and that's always a fun thing to do. Dad's off this weekend and of course he's got a cold or at least that's how mom puts it. I've been snuggling with dad helping him to feel better just like I'm supposed to do.
Hey a pups gotta do what a pups gotta do.

We had a trainer come and give us a lesson today. She's with a company that grandma hired to help me and Romey stop fighting and she was nice and made a few funny noises. Romey and I have decided to try it out because seeing mom and grandma unhappy with us was just not cool.
So now I'm gonna go lay down with Daddy and put him back to sleep. Take care everyone.

Wirey hugs,