Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006

OK guys I wanted to post before I forgot once again.
Fee asked for my moms' blog and I wanted to share it with whoever else wanted to look at it.
Here's the link. . . . Mom says enjoy!
I hope all of my buddies out there are okay after the rains that just went through here. Grandma mentioned something about having to buy a boat if it keeps up.
I really don't have too much to say on here tonight.
Mom's got on the dog whisperer right now so I'm gonna go snuggle with her and watch all those other dogs. So have a good weekend and take care be safe.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006

Hey folks!
I have some news to post. I have a new friend Georgie he lives with his mom in Australia. Not to mention my good friends Fee, Mango, and Party. They are a couple and have their daughter Fee. They live in Singapore.
I did want to say thanks to my buddies Snickers and Butchy who posted a link to my blog on their page. I feel all popular and stuff. LOL
Well mom found out that it was officially a tornado that touched down on Sunday. UCK! Apparently the National Weather Service came out(uh whoever they are) and said that winds reached 150 mph. Wow I'm glad they were ok.
Well I found out today that my Uncle Mike will be up on Saturday. I haven't met Uncle Mike yet but the way mom and Grandma talk he sure sounds like a ton of fun. I hope he can keep up with me.
Oh and to my buddy Fee you need to get more food and cookies you do sound malnourished at only 18 lbs.
A tornado my dear is when the winds come down in a funnel and go destructo on a certain area of land. Mom says that's a decent enough description. She says they have some good information there.
Oh I got in trouble a little bit the other night. I had the milk carton in the back seat with me because mom had to run out and get milk for the grandmas. I started liking the water off of the carton like I usually do and my mean mommy decided to leave it in the back with me. I gotta stick to the story. Well I started liking like a fiend. I must have punctured it with my teeth. Oh boy mom was not pleased about the milk coming out from the bottom of it. Oops sorry. I couldn't help it I love licking cold wet things. She should have known better than to leave that back there for me.
I did have a blast yesterday with the hose and getting sprayed off. OK time for me to get relaxed and watch some animal planet. I'll let you guys know more about Uncle Mike when he gets here. This should be fun!

Take Care!

Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006

Hello Folks,
Figured I'd write to everyone to let you guys know mom and dad are fine. LOL Apparently they got stuck in a possible tornado last night while having a night away from me. Yup that'll teach them to go away without me. Mom's got a picture up on her site of how close it came to hitting the truck. Talk about scary. We got nothing here while I was staying with my awesome grandma. Mmm she fed me the leftovers from her yummy stuffed peppers in my dinner last night. I've made a new cyber friend folks. You remember me mentioning Mango and Party from my last post? Well I've met their daughter Fever aka Fee. She's quite a cutie and a whole 2 days older than me. She's apparently happy about it. Geesh ruin a guys coolness. Here's her link if you haven't visited her blog yet. I highly recommend it. Right now she's dealing with her mom and dad fighting while online. Thank goodness mom and dad haven't resorted to that. Now hopefully I'm posting this correctly.
Yep woohoo! Oh yeah mom's upset with me tonight for puncturing a whole in her milk carton. Geesh I was just enjoying the water that was on the outside of it. What's a guy to do. Oh well grandma's here wanting to get online. Have a good night.


Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23, 2006

Hey Guys!
It's me Ozzy here just checking in before the weekend starts for me. Mom and dad are going to see some fireworks on Sunday so that means party time for me I'm home with my grams. How cool is that?!
Mom's upset because she looked online at a contest she entered me in and saw that shock of all shocks I was not winning. Man what's wrong with this world don't they think a cute guy like me deserves some free treats?!
So dads home this weekend which means I should be having more fun than I do with mom! I can sucker him into treats almost always! Mom did mention something about a long walk this weekend if it isn't too hot. Man that heat's kicking my butt. But the upside is that I get to play in the hose! The best thing about the heat!!
I'm gonna get going I wanna go wake dad up before he sleeps too long. I don't get why he wants to sleep when he knows I'm here for him to play with whenever he wants. Have a good weekend if I don't get back online this weekend.
oh yeah if you want make moms and mine day and vote for me at

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006

Hello All,
Sorry its been a few days since I've wrote in here but I've been a busy guy.
My dad's been off the last two days and of course I had to spend time with him and get that extra special time he gives me when he's off. I did get to go to the park yesterday with him and mom wow that was fun. I had dad chasing me all through the ball field trying to catch MY frisbee. I don't know what him and mom are talking about saying it is theirs. Are ya kidding me guys that's mine you said so when you bought it for me.
Well, today before dad went to work I got to help him fix the lawnmower. It seems mom put a little too much oil in the oil pan and kinda flooded the system. So dad had me help him as any smart human would do. Mom stayed inside she didn't want to hear me barking at her for taking up precious father son time.
We did watch 8 below last night. Man those dogs were awesome surviving like that. I of course had to bark along with them in the beginning. Somebody's gotta cheer on those movie star dogs.
Well my great grandmother is in the hospital for the next few days because she wasn't feeling too hot this AM and had to go to the ER. Apparently according to mom, dad & my other grandma she's not listening to the doctors. I understand that very well.
Oh before I forget I have to say that my morning was ruined by her going out my other grandmother and I usually go out and have our morning coffee together. Well, I don't have coffee apparently I'm "too hyper" whatever that means to enjoy anymore coffee.
So hopefully tomorrow we can sit outside and watch the birds and squirrels prance around my yard.
OK all I think that's all I'm gonna write for now I wanna go bug mom about some dinner.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17, 2006

I don't have a special title for today but I just wanted to keep going with my personal blog. Well my buddy Axel posted a really cool comment on my blog yesterday so I wanted to say thanks for doing that. Check out his really cool blog here he's my inspiration for blogging.
So today mom decides to get me up early for some awful reason. Man I am so not a morning pup. Well much to my happy 7 month old surprise we went to the park. My buddy Tucker was there with his daddy. Tucker's my Cock-a-Poo play buddy. He plays ruff like me so we're cool to play with. Mom & I went into one of the ballfields where I played catch with my favorite fetch toy Mr. Frisbee. Tucker was finally able to come over to play. Mom had a fit because Tucker opened the gate without asking first and was worried I'd get out. Man doesn't she get a guy wants to play with his buddy and that's the only thing on my mind. Geesh parents. Well she told me today was my 7 month birthday. Apparently not as big a deal as my 6 month since I got no special treats for it.
Mom keeps mentioning a haircut again. I'm trying to talk dad into NOT letting it happen. I don't think it's all that. I wish my grandmother would stop messing with my eyebrows though. I'm trying to look tough not like the sissy dog Shelby that lives next door to me.
OK off to let grandma on here.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello All

Hello All,
This is Ozzy the WFT. This is my own blog. Mom said since I was 7 months old it was about time I started my own blog and kept track of what's going on in my life. So this will take some time for me to get used to typing and writing down my everyday thoughts.

I read my buddy Axel's blog and got some ideas from that. Read my other buddies Butchy & Snickers and got some ideas from that. I'm sure that with my smarts I'll be typing and corresponding in no time.
I did read Gus's blog who's link was on my buddy Axels' blog and Mom said that she used to live in Tempe, AZ. After reading how hot it is in Tempe I don't think I would care to live there. I'm not the biggest fan of the summer heat. But if you turn on that outside hose I'm all for it!
OK Mom says she's gotta go outside and mow the lawn so I have to get off of here. Hope to be on here tomorrow or Sunday. Have fun all.

I've included a picture of myself for everyone to see what a handsome guy I am.