Thursday, November 20, 2008

to my friends

Hello my friends,
Well my birthday came and went with not much to do. Mom did make me bacon and eggs for breakfast though. Well really it was one slice of turkey bacon and half an egg but it was still yummy. Then I got to play with the red ball she she has for the winter since she kept saying I'm busy today buddy sorry. Apparently 3 papers and 2 tests come before me. I personally think that college is a big waste if it's going to take time away from me. Tuesday she's in class almost all day. But today?! Well her and grandma got up fed us and off they went. Notice how I didn't mention us going with them? Well after being gone for a couple of hours they came home with a bag. And off came my collar. I was a bit worried since I'd had that collar for about 2 years now and don't really care for my neck to be without it. Whoa she's got stuff in the bag for me and in that bag was a new collar. Whew I was wondering what was going on. Then out came the treats! Oh my dogness there were chocolate chip cookies in there for yours truly the birthday boy! Ohhh I love the chocolate chip cookies she gets from the pet store. Of course for some reason Romeo got a new collar out of the deal and I had to share my cookies with him. I guess since he shared on his birthday I can share on mine. And then there is talk of a walk on Friday! Whoa this birthday is turning out to be a pretty good one. EVEN if she was a couple of days late. I'll forgive her since she let me snuggle without my stinky brother in bed with us.
Oh well off to go snooze and admire the new collar.
Thank you all for my birthday wishes.

of course my brother has to behave and show his collar when she asks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do you know that tomorrow is my birthday? Well I do and I can't wait to see what I get for my special day. It is my first birthday with out my daddy and I'm a little sad about that. But I know mommy will make it the best birthday she possibly can. Even if she's got school to get in her way. I don't get how that comes before me but ah well. So in this most happiest of days I'm signing off after this quick post to go snuggle with my mom. I am however leaving you with my favorite picture. It is of me daddy and Romeo on his birthday. How fitting a tribute than this?


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello my friends,
Well this past weekend we did a little something fun. We went to Pet-a-palooza over in Montgomery NY. It was this pawsome time and we met lots of dogs and saw our favoritest store owner Amanda. She even got Grandma to go along for the day. That's her holding my lead right there.
Mom got some new dog food samples to try since she's not too pleased with Natural Balance. She thinks we're not enjoying it(she's right) and she thinks it might be leading to more of our itchies. Then Sunday she learned that her grandfather passed away. Don't say sorries cause mom will tell you they weren't very close and she barely knew him anymore. But she(notice I didn't say we) got to see her Grandma and all of her aunts and uncles. Again you'll notice I didn't say we or even me. But while she was with her family she found out that we have a blog fan. Well that I have a blog fan. It's her Uncle Allen. Wait doesn't that make him my uncle too? Apparently he reads the blogs and loves them. Man I like hearing of bloggies that read our blog that are family. He said I seemed like a handful. Dude you have no clue. I'm Oz-man the craziest pup you've ever met. Mom found out he's got two pups of his own though not Wires like me and Rome. Man you just don't know what you're missing. You'll have to tell your pup-kids hello from me. Mom said that even though she hadn't seen everybody in ohhh 20 years it was greating seeing them and she hopes they stay more in contact then before. She had a great time except the circumstances stunk. I thought it stunk all around since I missed meeting new family and I missed a fan. Mom's pulling in some really pawesome grades in college. If she keeps it up I might ask Grandma to buy her a chewy from us. I'm sure she'd love it. I know I do most of the time.
We did get groomed last Friday for the first time in a few months and man she did a great job. Well mom and grandma think so and I guess that's all that matters in that department really. She was a really nice lady though and her assistant groomed me when I was a mere pup. Ya know before we got that annoying brother of mine. So everything else here is good. Mom's just busy with school and trying to juggle things around. I'm busy doing well not alot. But for now I won't complain she needs this and apparently so do I. Go figure. Well she says it's time to go. Where oh where would that be mom? Have a good day all.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MIA no more

Hello my friends,
Well I want to appologize for not being around lately. This house has been a bit crazy. Mom's back to college and hasn't had time for my blog. Romeo and I have been suffering the plight of what seems like most wires ALLERGIES! Mom said next season we'll be heading to the arctic for our relief. Umm isn't it cold there mom? So we've mostly been doing play time at the park. I'm not complaining perse but I am saying could we go on a walk woman? I have heard rumors about us going to this Pooch-a-palooza next weekend over in Montgomery. That might be fun. Her rules though? Oh yes my friends she has rules. No fighting with each other for a full week, behaving ourselves and if it's not hot like it usually is at the Paws in the Park we normally attend and didn't this year. I can't say that I blame her on that last rule. Last year was just HOT and none of us enjoyed ourselves minus meeting Joanne, Jessie & Smitty. That was the highlight of the day. Out of my mother's guilt though I did get this awesome squirrelly to eat and mutalate. Man talk about fun!
I wonder what kind of guilt I can inflict on her today and what I will get out of it.
Well I am going to get going. I needed to go work on that guilt trip.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello my friends,
Well I've been caught. It seems mom went grocery shopping the other day and when she got home she needed help unpacking the car. So I offered to help. Not unpack of course but rather inspect to make sure she got everything I ordered.
Well I can attest that she only got me my salmon after that NADA! Geesh what's a pup to do.

I am so happy to hear that Jackson made it through surgery ok. Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery with his folks. I also want to take a minute and wish Jackson a
Also I wanted to join Jake and Just Harry in just saying goodbye to our friend Gianna. She was a sweet lady who loved us wires. Her time to go and join Daddy and all of her pups in heaven had come. So she's another angel us wires have watching over us. We will miss you Gianna and we hope you have a good time meeting our dad. Say hello to him for us.
Well it's time for us to get a move on. My aunt Nancy is coming over tomorrow and I have to help mom clean this house up. I swear without me she'd not know how to clean properly.

Hugs and kissies,

Ozzy Mom and Romeo(by protest I am adding those two!)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Well Jackson

Dear friends,
As I'm sure everyone has read I wanted to send some prayers and thoughts out. Our dear friend Jackson needs prayers, love, support and hugs from all of us on the blogosphere. Mom got online today and read the emails. We're now sitting here looking gloomy and lighting a candle and asking Dad to do something to make Jackson ok again. So we're going to go say some more prayers and send some terrier hope to our friend. Please if you haven't already started say a prayer and give a thought to Jackson and the J's that he gets better and that everything will be all right.
Jackson and the J's we're sending you loads of love and kissies your way pal.


Ozzy Romeo & Jen(yeah I let them share a blog with me for this occasion.)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th (a day late)

Hello my friends,

I wanted to wish everyone on here a happy 4th. I figured I'd take this opportunity to show you all my yard and well mom's garden. Since I've been told countless times to get out of it it's hers. Which of course I do not get. I saw that Jake and Just Harry also had to wear the bandanas to honor the holiday. I can't believe our humans would put us through such tortures. What's worse? They left us alone for a few hours last night. They went to see fireworks and what I don't get they had barbecue and yet did I see any of it? Noooo why would you want to to do that? So of course I ignored them when they got home. I mean come on you can't figure out how to bring home some goodies for me? Well I digress. Let me show you the bunny that lives in my neighborhood but rarely comes into my yard. Mom sees said bunny and we're told you don't hurt the bunny. Listen woman I hate to tell you I get loose or get let out for pee-mail and that bunny is in our yard I'm going to have to do what comes naturally. Then we have all these flowers in our yard to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies. I don't like the butterflies cause I try to sniff them and they fly away. As for the hummingbirds I have seen them a few times but never long enough to get close. Man they are fast like a terrier. Then we have our birdhouse. We've got new tennants and mom is not to sure who's living in there. You might wonder why I've allowed the birds to come live in our yard? Well see I don't have any choice. The woman has gone bananas and says it's ok for them to live here. What you don't want to ask me first? We haven't done too many walkies since we've had back to back thunderstorms the last couple of weeks.
I do appologize for the lack of posting but I've been posted outside on the porch watching the world just pass me by.
God it's good to be a dog.
Hope you all had a happy 4th and that you're having a great weekend so far.
Wirey hugs,


Monday, June 02, 2008

Our walk

Hello my friends,

Sorry it's been a while since I've written just been busy and decided to let Romeo have a bit more blogging time. Well this morning has started out quite nice. We've had beautiful weather and just enjoying the day. Saturday we did another cancer walk. This one is called Mickey's Mile. We didn't take pictures as mom didn't want to try and control us while controlling a camera. But that's ok we still had fun. We got to see our friend Amanda and got some yummy treats from her store. She even told mom that she's hoping to set up a Yappy Hour in the coming months for us dogs at her store. Now that's what I'm talking about. Then yesterday mom and grandma went to our newest addition the family Keegan's baptism.
That was too much fun for them.
We got left home alone with tons of treats and even a toy. Then mom and grandma bought us new harnesses since my idiot brother has to pull like a damn plough horse. Mom said she'd had it with all of the grunting and noises he makes and was getting worried he'd hurt his trachea. So this morning we got to go on a nice walk in a new park with our new harnesses. I know I don't like wearing them but honestly these bad boys were quite comfy and I like it better than having the collar being pulled when she wants to go a different way than I had planned on going. So we went to the walking path that we discovered on Saturday. There was even a backwoods(as mom calls it) trail that took us in the forest and let us leave lots and lots of pee-mail. Plus there was the creek where I got to watch my brother try to go for a stick WAY bigger than him.
All in all it was a fun morning with mom and my brother. Mom even said that this could be a new walk for us so that'll be even cooler.
Closer, more sniffies, and maybe new dog friends. Ohhh speaking of dog friends I ran into my old pal Kodiak on Saturday at the walk. We used to pal around some when we were both pups and haven't seen each other in a year or so. Wow he sure got bigger and was happy to see me. We played a little and smelt each other and yes I introduced him to Romeo. Of course no pictures since we didn't have the camera. Oh well. Well I'm going back on my porch to sunbath. Hope all are doing well.

Wirey hugs,

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello my friends,
Let me tell you something that was one fun day. We got there late of course. Grandma can't seem to understand the whole time concept. You know be there at 9 does not mean be there at 9:30. We packed up the goodie bags and headed off for our walk. Mom was proud of herself she made some biscotti for all our friends and Grandma made some bandanas and our genius mom forgot to pack them up for everyone. We appologize for our women. They don't think all the time. When we finally got there we met up with Asta, Smitty, Jessie, Jeeves and Luna. We got ourselves registered and went back to chit chat.
Then off we went to walk. We got some nice weather for the walk and enjoyed ourselves. Asta was such a sweet girl. Jeeves was a quiet chap. Smitty was his usual self but Jessie was a barker. Amazingly enough we already knew that and we still think she's a cool chick. But man that Luna was a spit fire. I really think I might be in love. Mom and Asta's mom chatted up a storm and mom actually enjoyed the conversations they were having. Which for mom is a good thing. We did find out from Asta's dad that there was a walk near them in the city and you know what we are so hapy they decided to walk with us instead of those other walkers. We never would have had the pleasure of meeting them and spending time with them. We made it to the finish line and got our goodie bags. Oh my gosh we got some cool stuff for our walk. Then we hung out and watched the poor dogs get abused by being dressed in costumes. Man I felt for them. So then we went shopping at our favorite store Paws of Distinction. We got to see our favorite saleslady Amanda. She had some cool toys there for us to sniff and decide if we wanted to buy them. Mom said no not today. Geesh woman what is wrong with you. We were enjoying the day when they announced it was over with. Whoa where did that time go to?

So that is pretty much our day in a nutshell. We did take alot of pictures and had blast with our new friends. We're definitely hoping to do this again next year.
This is a group shot minus Jessie of all of the walkers.
Thank you to everyone that supported us, who showed up and walked with us and who became our friends that day. We couldn't have asked for a better group of new friends. Thank you all again.
Wirey hugs,

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friends let me tell you that was a great day we just had. It was so great I'm already ready for bed. I'm giving the face of OMdog can we go to sleep now?! So I beg of you to forgive me but I want to go to sleep. I promise promise promise to blog tomorrow. We also want to appologize to our friends there was supposed to be bandanas in with your nice yummy treats. Mom somehow forgot to put it in with the goodie bag. So forgive us. We plan on sending along some yummies and this time including the bandana.
Wirey hugs,

a sleepy Ozzy

Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's almost Sunday

Hello everypup,
I have exactly 12 hours until I meet the lovely Miss Asta, Luna-tic, Jeeves, Smitty, Jessie, Romeo and myself will all be in the same place for a great cause. I can't wait! The wire in me is winding up and getting ready to bounce off the walls. That might have something more to do with the nasty weather outside than the walk but I'm getting antsy. I want to walk and meet new pups and oh man I just can't wait. Mom has been busy doing this and that preparing for tomorrow. She even went to a scrapbooking party last night to prepare for tomorrow's walk. Or so she keeps telling me. She even has a dog walk bag going so that we have everything ready to go for when she wakes up in the morning. She's not the brightest bulb in the box when she's first up and with her being nervous and anxious the memory is worse than great grandma's used to be. So she's going to pack tonight and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. She did mention the fact that she better turn her cell phone up loud cause she'll not hear it since we'll be barking like fiends. So I better get off the laptop or she will be bothering me about stuff she needs to do online before it's time for bed. So my friends until tomorrow night I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. I'm definitely hoping for no rain.
Take care my friends.

Wirey hugs,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi my friends,

Well we're counting down until Sunday. I can not wait. I get to meet so many new wires and have a great day. Mom went out and bought herself a new camera. She's gotten on a scarpbooking kick and since we'll be meeting so many this weekend she wants to make sure she can capture as much as possible. I do have new pictures to share since well you know she's a bit obsessive about me.
Can you blame her really? I know I can't. I'm too cute to not be in pictures. We've been enjoying the lovely spring weather and just relaxing and spending time outside as much as possible. We had a blast this weekend chatting with all of our friends. That was a great idea they had for the weekend. I just wish we could remember to go to the chat room on Sunday mornings. I saw the blog that A & A posted about the earth dog tournament and I wish I could do something like that. I'm just not sure if I'd listen to mom well enough for it to happen. But I know Agatha is now my hero and I just might have to start listening to mom so that I can try it out.
OMDog I didn't realize the sun was out. I hate to cut this short and in mid-sentence but I need the sun before it goes buhbye since it's been rainy and a bit chilly out today.

I hope you'll enjoy my photos. Mom sure did taking them.
Wirey hugs,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here we are in our new shirts. I have to say they do fit a bit snug so if you're a little chunker like my brother and me just be careful otherwise we love love love our new shirts for the walk!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hey have you guys heard? There's a walk going on next month for Dog Cancer and mom's list friend Pat has made a t-shirt for this walk. What's even better a part of the proceeds are going to benefit the walk. So I thought I'd post a picture of the shirts and let you know they are available through Make sure you type in Wirestock in the search part of the webpage. These are some fancy shirts and what's even better they are available for us pups too! So mom has decided she is going to buy a shirt for the three of us and possibly even grandma. I can't wait even more now for this fun event to happen.

This is the best we can do for right now if mom can find a better copy of this picture she will. Have a great day friends!

Wirey hugs,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I just found out after much moving around in our house that mom is going away for a few days vacation. And the worst part? We're not going with her. I'm sorry why am I not going with her I could care less if my brother goes with her or not but I am Oz and I should be going with her. What if she meets another dog or what if something should happen to her and she needs a security guard? Who is going to be there for that?
Not me apparently. She is apparently heading South to visit an old friend of hers. I'm really not understanding this. So the DogsWalk Against Cancer campaign is going well and we're hoping to have a few of our friends show up and walk with us. I'm actually looking forward to this instead of kind of dreading it since it will be a miss my dad moment. Thankfully Michele will be there and maybe she'll bring the kids with her. So the countdown is on. But I will be depressed because my mommy is going to not be home for a few days. Ho hum time to go pout and maybe give her a guilt trip to keep her home or take me with her. Have a good night all.

Wirey hugs

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's that time of year again

Hello my friends,
It is my favorite time of year again. Well two of my favorite times of year again. First it is SPRING. Well almost which means no more snow and warm days out on my porch. Which in case anyone is wondering is one of the best porches we've ever had. Then comes my favorite other thing. Dogswalk Against Cancer. This year we are doing it in honor of Dad since he loved doing these things with us and last year was his first with us and he had a blast doing the walk. This was by far his favorite walk with all of us. Mom said he loved doing this walk cause of all the goodies and the nice walk it had. So please friends give in honor fo my pops. He deserves it and so do all of those animals that are suffering with cancer as we speak.
Here's our link.
So we want to say thank you in advance for any contribution you may give.
Wirey hugs,

Friday, February 22, 2008

OK it's been a while I know I know and it's been a while since we got this surpirse in the mail. Mom won't leave the computer and I can't do it at night when I'm snuggling with one of the women in my life so I have found today since it is snowing out. About 2 weeks ago mom and I went to the mailbox. Mom saw this nice looking package and said ooh Ozzy it has you and Romey's name on it. So she brought it in and let us see it. Can you believe we got something in the mail? I know it smelled yummy and of course she just couldn't open it without a ton of pictures. Why I will never know but we must document everything. Especially when I need a cut. Oh well so there was this package and yup sure enough my name was on it. Oh man mom open it up faster. So after a few more pictures were taken to yes folks document the arrival we got it opened. Thankfully my brother did not try to wear the packaging on his head.
I was even more tantalized by the smell of this package and of course it needed more documenting. Please someone explain to her we don't need our pictures taken all of the time.

So then Romeo and I were investigating and trying to figure out how do we get the plastic open. We still can't figure that out with our everyday treats when no one is home. Though I admit we do try. This was by far the best yummiest tasting package we had to have ever received. Then the best part it was meat. I'm not too sure on the hearts but I ate them nonetheless. Romeo of course LOVED the hearts and enjoyed them like it was no body's business. Mom says he needs a diet. Then came the chicken now that I loved it was the best tasting chicken I've ever had. I do want to thank Bogart and his mom for such a yummy treat and I have to say we really did appreciate it. Then one cold day we had to go for a walk on the new Rail Trail that is right down the road from us. It's a nice paved trail that goes through farmland, lakes and forests. It's a dream come true. We can walk near the house and sniff to our hearts content and of course meet other people and their dogs. We met a few dogs that day. We also got to go with our friend Michele and her son John. Halfway through our walk we got stuck in a snow squall so mom and Michele both decided time to start heading to the car. I guess mom said warmer weather will mean longer walks. I'm not going to complain at all. I highly recommend that if you live near us you check out the rail trail for a nice sniffing walk! Here I am enjoying the new rail trail. See what I mean by the nice walk and all that lies before me for the sniffs to start? It was too much fun. The only bad thing was we had to go home early. That's all right though. There will definitely be more walks to come

Well I'm going to get going and maybe even let Romeo post in a few. Hope you all are having a good day and will have an even better weekend. Talk to you soon. I promise.

Wirey hugs,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mom wanted me to take a moment and say give her a little while she has pictures to upload for me to provide you all with a new post so please bear with her and me.
Thank you,
Same goes for Romeo of course.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well today is my mom's birthday and I wanted to announce it to the whole world of blogdom. She has done the awesomest thing for her birthday she took me to the park to let me run like a maniac and then she went to Petco and bought us chocolate chip cookies. They were so yummy and I enjoyed every yummy morsel. Can you believe how lucky I am to have such a mom? I got everything a pup could ask for for her birthday. Cookies, play time and plus I hear a special yummy dinner.
I hear the party in AZ is going to be fun. I'm hoping she'll let us go but that's still to be decided if we have the luggage and if she's willing to let us leave her alone for a whole weekend. Paws crossed we'll know by tonight.
Well time to get going we're going somewhere now. Oh man what more could a pup ask for honestly?

Wirey birthday hugs,