Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hello my friends!
Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Mom's been busy writing papers for school and getting over a nasty tummy bug. The weather let up some today and since Mom was feeling pretty darn awesome she said it was walk time. While she's been sick the last few days Grandma's been trying by at least taking me to the park and letting me run in the field and by walking the development a little bit. She complains I walk to fast so we stuck to the park. That's cool I would have taken anything instead of being stuck in the house with my poor sick mom. So we went to our new favorite place and walked with Aunt Shannon and I sniffed and left pee mail all over that place. Wire Stock merchandise is now available if anyone wants to buy. Also don't forget to sign up and join Team Wire for the annual walk this year for the ACS. We'd love to have as many as humanly possible for the walk. If you can't walk with us please walk with us at your home that day.
The more walking in spirit or with us the terrier!
Well mom's got to give me a walk so I'm cutting this short and plus I want to visit all of my friends on here while I have time.