Saturday, November 21, 2009


Tomorrow is my dad's angel day.
It marks the day when he left mom and me and Romeo to go to heaven and become our own personal angel. I've been sitting here for the last few days just thinking of him and remembering our good times and how much different life was for all of us 2 years ago. I see mom and I think of how sad she looks and how she cries some days without anyone noticing but I notice and I just give her the best kissies in the world. Things for us are so much harder than they should be with all that is going on and Mom some days just wants to drop out of college and work since she doesn't think her becoming a teacher will ever happen. Then with the way the economy is mom is worried that no one will ever hire her. Then Grandma is always in pain and not working and man it's just hard for a pup.
So Dad tomorrow could you do me the hugest favor? Could you come stop by for a visit? I know mom could use it and I sure wouldn't mind playing catch with you. I love this picture of my dad but was so proud of him when he finally quit smoking!
Love your sweet boy,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Birthday!

Hello my friends,
I just wanted to say if you want to you can find me on Facebook. I'm on there ALOT as Ozzy Kovach. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

Ozzy K.