Sunday, February 22, 2009

Awards, prayers and a new walk

Well where to begin where to begin. First I'd like to take a moment and say a special prayer in honor Bogart's Dad. My friend you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time please know that mommy and I hope for nothing but the best and are here if you need us. Now onto the award. Mom got a package in the mail last week and it was from the American Cancer Society so Mom and I thought oh just the packet information for this years Dogswalk but oh no not at all. It was for all of us Romeo included for our crusade last year for raising OVER $500 for cancer research for us pups, cats, and hammies. So Mom, Romeo(who's asked us to mention him in this) and myself want to thank all of our friends who either walked with us in person or in spirit or who donated for this great cause. We hope that any of you in our area will be able to walk with us this year. But we've heard from our t-shirt designer that there will be new t-shirts being designed this year. I know I can't wait and I think my brother might even be there. We're hoping Luna, Asta, Smitty, Jessie and of course Jeeves shows up again this year. We're really hoping some more pups show up to walk with us. We'd really love it.
Now mom's requested off from work for the big walk next month in honor of dad. She's gotta email those people to make sure I can come. Why wouldn't they allow me to come is what I wanted to know? Don't they know I'm doing this in memory of my awesome dad who left us far too soon? So I've told you all about my new friend right? His name's Scott and mom has him come three times a week to run me and spend time with me. Apparently wire guilt is awesome cause Scott and I have a blast. Scott has this new game that we play called "See who catches it first". It's where Scott throws the ball and I race him to get it first. Now this silly man thinks he can outrun me HA! Mom warned him I'm called a wire for a reason. I hear him say "GO OZ!" and off I go. Let me tell you my friends I beat him 9 out of 10 times. But he always says the funniest thing to me "Wow Oz you're fast that was fun let's do it again?!" Mom says he must not be wrapped too tight to want to do that over and over again with me. I am not too sure what she means by that but I enjoy myself. Grandma swears I hear him coming up the street to come get me. He does promise that once it gets warmer out we're actually going to run on the Rail Trail! Oh man I can't wait for that.
So I got groomed last week and I have to say I'm looking pretty spiffy. The groomer asked mom how I was the one who got picked and Mom informed her cause nobody could handle my wirey-ness. I'm not too sure what that's supposed to mean but I have to say I think I'd be really lost without my mom and grandma. My mom talked to Romeo's new 'rents and he seems to be doing extremely well. He's even got himself a new girlfriend. So mom's happy to hear that. She's even more happy to hear she's allowed to visit whenever she wants. Mom admits it most likely won't ever happen because she misses and loves Romeo quite a lot but just keeping a tab on him is more than enough for now. So I'm outta here it's time for bed. Mom has classes tomorrow and then she's off so I have snuggle time. Thank you all for your help with our cause I promise to post a picture of that award as soon as possible. Please please please say a prayer or two for Bogart's dad. Lots of wirey hugs, prayers and kisses coming all the way from New York to make sure he gets better.

Wirey kisses,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new Saturday for us

So my weekend was awesome. Or pawesome as Miss Asta says. Mommy had to work Friday night and it was my first night home alone. Not too bad I gotta admit. So Saturday morning Mommy gets dressed and says "Come on Oz we're going out!" What out not home doing nothing? How can this be? Well into Grandma's car we go and off we went. We ended up at the local pet store and I was told only one toy. I have no clue what that was supposed to mean but I am happy to report I got 3 new stuffies. We'd originally gone to get a new baby because mine is looking a little frazzled. So mom picked up some new treats and of course I got three new stuffies including a new baby. You see baby is a gingerbread man who I carry with me everywhere. Mom and Grandma get a good chuckle off of it I don't see what's so funny I have to make sure they don't hide him on me? Well that was fun and the store had cats up for adoption and man they looked like some fun. But we had to leave cause I wanted to have a little too much fun with those cats. When we got home there was a voicemail from Romeo's new owners. They're going to truly keep him. Which is awesome he deserves a home where we don't have to share anything. Well I'm going to get going. I don't know if I'll be posting this weekend. If I'm supposed to pick something up at anyones blog please understand we're still busy re-adjusting to life and just haven't had time to do so. Well I don't want to forget the link for the walk.

Wirey hugs,

Friday, February 06, 2009

Can you help us out?

Well, we think we might have a forever home for Romeo. He's living with a friend of the family's and has been there for a couple of nights. It's not a sure thing yet mom has asked them to give it a trial run and if it doesn't work we'll take him back. But so far they are in love with him. Mom has not told Rescue yet because of that just in case she'd like to keep all of her options open.
But now onto my question. Daddy's job is sponsoring a walk in memory of my dad for the American Heart Association. So mom has signed her and I up of course to walk in his memory. If anyone is near us and wanted to join us please feel free to we would love it! Mom thought it was awesome of them to do this and was pleased that they asked her before they did it automatically in his memory. So on March 14 we'll be walking in the warm(HA NOT!) NY weather. Anyone wanna join us?
Now onto the good stuff. Mom and Grandma have found me a buddy. His name is Scott and he runs me and plays with me three days a week. He is awesome and loves me of course he does who couldn't. Mom does her walks with me and she realizes I need a good running and that I need some guy time. I miss Daddy an awful lot and I miss having guy time and playing rough like that. He is just an awesome guy and is fun to be around. Now onto the next big news. But it doesn't involve me. My Mommy my awesome Mommy though she'll never admit to it. . . . has made it onto the DEAN'S LIST for college! So I'm going to go and bug mom and play with my stuffy.
Here's the link if you want to join us or donate. Won't lie I think I'd rather have more buddies walking but hey whatever you can do you know I'm happy with. Thanks everybody for everything and for all the kind words during our hard times.