Thursday, November 20, 2008

to my friends

Hello my friends,
Well my birthday came and went with not much to do. Mom did make me bacon and eggs for breakfast though. Well really it was one slice of turkey bacon and half an egg but it was still yummy. Then I got to play with the red ball she she has for the winter since she kept saying I'm busy today buddy sorry. Apparently 3 papers and 2 tests come before me. I personally think that college is a big waste if it's going to take time away from me. Tuesday she's in class almost all day. But today?! Well her and grandma got up fed us and off they went. Notice how I didn't mention us going with them? Well after being gone for a couple of hours they came home with a bag. And off came my collar. I was a bit worried since I'd had that collar for about 2 years now and don't really care for my neck to be without it. Whoa she's got stuff in the bag for me and in that bag was a new collar. Whew I was wondering what was going on. Then out came the treats! Oh my dogness there were chocolate chip cookies in there for yours truly the birthday boy! Ohhh I love the chocolate chip cookies she gets from the pet store. Of course for some reason Romeo got a new collar out of the deal and I had to share my cookies with him. I guess since he shared on his birthday I can share on mine. And then there is talk of a walk on Friday! Whoa this birthday is turning out to be a pretty good one. EVEN if she was a couple of days late. I'll forgive her since she let me snuggle without my stinky brother in bed with us.
Oh well off to go snooze and admire the new collar.
Thank you all for my birthday wishes.

of course my brother has to behave and show his collar when she asks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do you know that tomorrow is my birthday? Well I do and I can't wait to see what I get for my special day. It is my first birthday with out my daddy and I'm a little sad about that. But I know mommy will make it the best birthday she possibly can. Even if she's got school to get in her way. I don't get how that comes before me but ah well. So in this most happiest of days I'm signing off after this quick post to go snuggle with my mom. I am however leaving you with my favorite picture. It is of me daddy and Romeo on his birthday. How fitting a tribute than this?