Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Well Jackson

Dear friends,
As I'm sure everyone has read I wanted to send some prayers and thoughts out. Our dear friend Jackson needs prayers, love, support and hugs from all of us on the blogosphere. Mom got online today and read the emails. We're now sitting here looking gloomy and lighting a candle and asking Dad to do something to make Jackson ok again. So we're going to go say some more prayers and send some terrier hope to our friend. Please if you haven't already started say a prayer and give a thought to Jackson and the J's that he gets better and that everything will be all right.
Jackson and the J's we're sending you loads of love and kissies your way pal.


Ozzy Romeo & Jen(yeah I let them share a blog with me for this occasion.)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th (a day late)

Hello my friends,

I wanted to wish everyone on here a happy 4th. I figured I'd take this opportunity to show you all my yard and well mom's garden. Since I've been told countless times to get out of it it's hers. Which of course I do not get. I saw that Jake and Just Harry also had to wear the bandanas to honor the holiday. I can't believe our humans would put us through such tortures. What's worse? They left us alone for a few hours last night. They went to see fireworks and what I don't get they had barbecue and yet did I see any of it? Noooo why would you want to to do that? So of course I ignored them when they got home. I mean come on you can't figure out how to bring home some goodies for me? Well I digress. Let me show you the bunny that lives in my neighborhood but rarely comes into my yard. Mom sees said bunny and we're told you don't hurt the bunny. Listen woman I hate to tell you I get loose or get let out for pee-mail and that bunny is in our yard I'm going to have to do what comes naturally. Then we have all these flowers in our yard to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies. I don't like the butterflies cause I try to sniff them and they fly away. As for the hummingbirds I have seen them a few times but never long enough to get close. Man they are fast like a terrier. Then we have our birdhouse. We've got new tennants and mom is not to sure who's living in there. You might wonder why I've allowed the birds to come live in our yard? Well see I don't have any choice. The woman has gone bananas and says it's ok for them to live here. What you don't want to ask me first? We haven't done too many walkies since we've had back to back thunderstorms the last couple of weeks.
I do appologize for the lack of posting but I've been posted outside on the porch watching the world just pass me by.
God it's good to be a dog.
Hope you all had a happy 4th and that you're having a great weekend so far.
Wirey hugs,