Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello my friends,
Let me tell you something that was one fun day. We got there late of course. Grandma can't seem to understand the whole time concept. You know be there at 9 does not mean be there at 9:30. We packed up the goodie bags and headed off for our walk. Mom was proud of herself she made some biscotti for all our friends and Grandma made some bandanas and our genius mom forgot to pack them up for everyone. We appologize for our women. They don't think all the time. When we finally got there we met up with Asta, Smitty, Jessie, Jeeves and Luna. We got ourselves registered and went back to chit chat.
Then off we went to walk. We got some nice weather for the walk and enjoyed ourselves. Asta was such a sweet girl. Jeeves was a quiet chap. Smitty was his usual self but Jessie was a barker. Amazingly enough we already knew that and we still think she's a cool chick. But man that Luna was a spit fire. I really think I might be in love. Mom and Asta's mom chatted up a storm and mom actually enjoyed the conversations they were having. Which for mom is a good thing. We did find out from Asta's dad that there was a walk near them in the city and you know what we are so hapy they decided to walk with us instead of those other walkers. We never would have had the pleasure of meeting them and spending time with them. We made it to the finish line and got our goodie bags. Oh my gosh we got some cool stuff for our walk. Then we hung out and watched the poor dogs get abused by being dressed in costumes. Man I felt for them. So then we went shopping at our favorite store Paws of Distinction. We got to see our favorite saleslady Amanda. She had some cool toys there for us to sniff and decide if we wanted to buy them. Mom said no not today. Geesh woman what is wrong with you. We were enjoying the day when they announced it was over with. Whoa where did that time go to?

So that is pretty much our day in a nutshell. We did take alot of pictures and had blast with our new friends. We're definitely hoping to do this again next year.
This is a group shot minus Jessie of all of the walkers.
Thank you to everyone that supported us, who showed up and walked with us and who became our friends that day. We couldn't have asked for a better group of new friends. Thank you all again.
Wirey hugs,

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friends let me tell you that was a great day we just had. It was so great I'm already ready for bed. I'm giving the face of OMdog can we go to sleep now?! So I beg of you to forgive me but I want to go to sleep. I promise promise promise to blog tomorrow. We also want to appologize to our friends there was supposed to be bandanas in with your nice yummy treats. Mom somehow forgot to put it in with the goodie bag. So forgive us. We plan on sending along some yummies and this time including the bandana.
Wirey hugs,

a sleepy Ozzy

Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's almost Sunday

Hello everypup,
I have exactly 12 hours until I meet the lovely Miss Asta, Luna-tic, Jeeves, Smitty, Jessie, Romeo and myself will all be in the same place for a great cause. I can't wait! The wire in me is winding up and getting ready to bounce off the walls. That might have something more to do with the nasty weather outside than the walk but I'm getting antsy. I want to walk and meet new pups and oh man I just can't wait. Mom has been busy doing this and that preparing for tomorrow. She even went to a scrapbooking party last night to prepare for tomorrow's walk. Or so she keeps telling me. She even has a dog walk bag going so that we have everything ready to go for when she wakes up in the morning. She's not the brightest bulb in the box when she's first up and with her being nervous and anxious the memory is worse than great grandma's used to be. So she's going to pack tonight and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. She did mention the fact that she better turn her cell phone up loud cause she'll not hear it since we'll be barking like fiends. So I better get off the laptop or she will be bothering me about stuff she needs to do online before it's time for bed. So my friends until tomorrow night I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. I'm definitely hoping for no rain.
Take care my friends.

Wirey hugs,