Monday, June 02, 2008

Our walk

Hello my friends,

Sorry it's been a while since I've written just been busy and decided to let Romeo have a bit more blogging time. Well this morning has started out quite nice. We've had beautiful weather and just enjoying the day. Saturday we did another cancer walk. This one is called Mickey's Mile. We didn't take pictures as mom didn't want to try and control us while controlling a camera. But that's ok we still had fun. We got to see our friend Amanda and got some yummy treats from her store. She even told mom that she's hoping to set up a Yappy Hour in the coming months for us dogs at her store. Now that's what I'm talking about. Then yesterday mom and grandma went to our newest addition the family Keegan's baptism.
That was too much fun for them.
We got left home alone with tons of treats and even a toy. Then mom and grandma bought us new harnesses since my idiot brother has to pull like a damn plough horse. Mom said she'd had it with all of the grunting and noises he makes and was getting worried he'd hurt his trachea. So this morning we got to go on a nice walk in a new park with our new harnesses. I know I don't like wearing them but honestly these bad boys were quite comfy and I like it better than having the collar being pulled when she wants to go a different way than I had planned on going. So we went to the walking path that we discovered on Saturday. There was even a backwoods(as mom calls it) trail that took us in the forest and let us leave lots and lots of pee-mail. Plus there was the creek where I got to watch my brother try to go for a stick WAY bigger than him.
All in all it was a fun morning with mom and my brother. Mom even said that this could be a new walk for us so that'll be even cooler.
Closer, more sniffies, and maybe new dog friends. Ohhh speaking of dog friends I ran into my old pal Kodiak on Saturday at the walk. We used to pal around some when we were both pups and haven't seen each other in a year or so. Wow he sure got bigger and was happy to see me. We played a little and smelt each other and yes I introduced him to Romeo. Of course no pictures since we didn't have the camera. Oh well. Well I'm going back on my porch to sunbath. Hope all are doing well.

Wirey hugs,