Monday, August 13, 2007

Posting via mom

Well, I'm happy to report that Ozzy and Romeo have been in the room enjoying their time together NOT fighting. Though I admit that my fingers are crossed everyday that they don't pick today to start.
Now I'm posting what Ozzy has written for me to post since he is not allowed in the main portion of the hotel where the computer is.

Dear friends,
I wanted to start my posting by saying thank you for all the kind wishes. Living in this one LITTLE room has been tolerable but I must agree with my father it is time for our own home. We're are getting closer to a lovely home with a small yard but like mom pointed out to dad it is a home and it has a yard. I admit it does have a nice front porch that we plan on making accessible to me and Romeo. Oh how I can't wait. Now I wanted to post pictures to show everyone that we are alive and well and not locked in some little crate but they don't allow that here. That's fine so long as mom can post what I've written for her. Now the perks of this room. Mom has found a huge place for us to walk around in called Vassar College. It is a nice looking old college with loads of bunnies and squirrels to chase around ( I did that for you Jackson)and lots of people who think we are the cutest things ever and they have to just pet us. Mom says whatever works so long as we don't become rude. We have found this cool trail to walk everyday that has a big open field that I'm not allowed to run around in circles with(mom:that's cuz they end up fighting that way) Then after we leave there we head over to the wooden bridge that leads us to this really cool dirty pond that I keep hearing NO OZZY! Geesh what are you doing mom abusing me? Then we head to another trail to this place mom and dad call the swamp we explore like a couple of terriers that are trying to anything we can. Mom loves this part because she swears there could be something that could jump out and attack us. HA I dare it to. Then we head over to where this formal garden is mom usually just looks at all the pretty plants in there. Romeo and I let her have her way since she's letting us sniff to our hearts content. I hope you don't mind my detailed report but since no pictures I gotta make sure you get a good idea of how fun it is. Then Sunday Mom and Dad get up early and leave us for the whole day with grandma who doesn't go anywhere like they do. But they did come back from Atlantic City with two cheeseburgers for us. So I guess all is forgiven. I would love to tell you all that I get to go in the pool but alas they say I'm not allowed in something about me being unsanitary. Whatever that is supposed to mean. Saturday though we did get to go to Mills Mansion and we swam for a good 30 minutes. Anything is better than no swimming at all. So that's my story and mom says we'll be doing Romeo's blog later she doesn't want to use up too much of the computer time if someone else wanted to us it.

Wirey hugs,
Ozzy & Romeo

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going away for a while

My friends,
I will be MIA for a few weeks due to the fact that our home is now sold and we are moving out tomorrow August 6th. We are moving into a Days Inn for the time being hopefully be out of there on September 1st. We're not sure really but wanted to let my friends know. Mom says she's able to check our sites and what not from the hotel's computer room but otherwise I will not be able to do my usual blogging. Take care, enjoy your summer, try to behave(mom has that drilled into my head!). I will be back shortly hopefully.

Wirey hugs,

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I figured I'd post and ease everyone's concerns. We've gotten better and are trying to not fight. I for one have had it with those muzzles and I know Romeo certainly has. We went for a evening walk last night at our second favorite place Vassar Farms. Mom wanted something for us to do and also wanted water but it was too close to Mills closing time for us to drive way up there. Well the four of us got there and mom admired the deer and their babies. Yeah yeah whatever I want to walk. They had a local schools football practice going on so dad just watched remembering his old high school football days. Then came the real fun. We got to chase after bunnies. Now before people start complaining it's cruel I want to say this Dad made sure we didn't get close enough which sucks for us but is GREAT for the bunnies. Besides like mom said they were going to hop away anyways. Mom saw the first one handed dad the leads and off we went to go chase our first bunny. Then around the corner we went and we got to chase 5 more bunnies. Oh what fun that was. Now if I could have just caught one. I don't think I'd know what to do but dang it I'd try. I have to say that walk last night was a blast. So that's my story. This heat is brutal and I have heard rumors of going for a swim later today. My paws are crossed. I'm outtie.

Wirey hugs,