Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30, 2006

Wow did I have a blast this weekend. I got to do so much stuff and meet new pups and friends(human types) I can't believe I had such an eventful weekend.
Yesterday I got extra time playing with the hose! Mom said with the weather being so darn hot I deserved more time under the hose. You won't hear any complaints from me.
So then we went to Mills Mansion on Sunday. You might recall me mentioning it in one of my earlier posts. Well we did the whole dog walk thing. Oh that was awesome I made some new friends and one of these days mom says we'll have to take some pictures to share with everyone.
I met a puppy named Gulliver there that was younger than me and bigger than me. Well we walked through these woods and while the other dogs were off leash mom just kept looking at me saying I'm sorry sweetie I'm afraid you'd run away. I might I'm not even sure. Well I walked with this German Shephard named Punto. We then ended up at the river. Oh that was a blast I jumped through the water nose dived too! I met up with this Chocolate Lab named Baron he is my age and we had a blast chasing his ball and jumping through the water. I met a puppy named Gulliver there that was younger than me and bigger than me. Wow Gulliver is a Giant Schnauzer. He had this weird obsession of grabbing my leash and chewing on it. While we were at the river and I was playing in the water he grabbed it and mom finally had had it and took my leash out of his mouth. Thanks mom. I even got to play with this little boy named Jesse he was there with his mom and their dog Shayna. I guess mom said we'll be going back next week which is great because it was great for me and for mom. Mom did get me home and bathe me because I smelt like the river and I was sandy. That was cool because the bath felt good and then afterward we got upstairs and took a nice nap.
I have included a few pictures for you all to view.

This one is me in the bed in the bag mom and dad bought for the new bed. They didn't really think I was going to let them make the bed without any help from me did they?

Now this is of me and my grandma this is how I usually sit in the chair with her or mom. But I'm usually am right behind them. Mom said she tried to get rid of the red eye but just couldn't make it happen. Well this week's going to be a scorcher and that means yep more hose time! She hopes grandma and daddy will be cool at work. I hope so too and I hope all of my friends out there will stay cool too and get plenty of water. Take care.

Wirey hugs,

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 26, 2006

Well I am back and badder than ever! LOL no let me stop. Mom and grandma though want to muzzle me for barking so much today. Man don't they know that's my job? Mom took me for a walk just a little while ago and we met up with my buddy Oreo along with his girlfriend Neela along with the cute Bichon Frise bitch next door named Zoe she's my age and plays just as rough and tough as me. We're all trying to plan now a way to meet up for all of us to play while our owners just hang out and talk. Aw man this could be love.
I found out today that I got hooked up with I've joined quite a few of my other wirey pals in the great world web that can make us all famous. Now on to one of my favorite organizations to support the SPCA in our area is having it's petswalk in Bowdoin Park on September 9, 2006. Mom says we are there. She loves taking me to things like this and letting me meet other dogs not to mention it is for a good cause and I get to hook up with other pups. There's the link if you are a local and want to join us in something fun and helpful. Mom's happy because Dad's off for this walk since he was off for the Pets walk against cancer we did back in May. That was a BLAST we got a ton of goodies and I met a bunch of other pups. Not to mention it was after my cut so I was looking like quite the handsome pup. Got the compliments to prove it too.
I wanted to say that I am glad to hear that my buddy Pippin is finally going to start feeling better. Mom Pat found out that he had Guardia(I don't even wanna know since mom said Pip would be on a bunch of antibiotics for a while). So Pippin shall be feeling better very soon. Paws crossed!
Well folks I must go dad is mentioning something about going into the snack drawer. Yippee!
Stay cool.


Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24, 2006

Hello my friends,
Well, I am posting today after taking a few days off. Mom and Dad took me to this new place today called the Mills Mansion well they told me now it's actually called Staatsburgh. Mom says when she was growing up it was called Mills Mansion after this rich couple by the last name of Mills. Well we went down to the gorgeous Hudson River and I got to swim in it and drink from it. Then we went towards the gardens which looked like my backyard lawn. When mom and dad heard this deep growl from deep in the forest. Mom made dad leave because she swears it sounded like a bear. Mom found out just now from Grandma that they have spotted a bear just a few miles away. Oh man do bears spray like those nasty skunks? Mom had assured me they don't spray but would have tried to eat me! Ha!! I laugh at anyone that thinks they can eat me!
Well I joined a few others on the blogging world and signed myself up for I couldn't resist. I'm an ego fiend and love making new friends. Speaking of new friends. . . mom took me for a walk yesterday afternoon since it was soo nice and not yucky out like it has been and I met up with my buddy Oreo. While walking with my bud I met this gorgeous bitch named Neela(I'm not sure if that's how she spells her name) she is a rescued greyhound and she lives with her sweet mommy Elena(mom's not sure if she spelled that right for me either). Her mom offered to let me run around with her so apparently we can tire each other out. Man does she not know how much energy I have. Mom has been checking out my back paw and it's a bit sore I will admit this but I don't believe she needs to keep prodding at it nor do I want to go see the doctor. She did mention something about letting grandma look at it. Man she's relentless. I wanted to wish a belated happy 4th birthday to my friend Snickers. Her mom had a birthday party and made her a cake. I have to wonder since I will be hitting a year old in November will I be getting a cake wonder if mom knows how to bake a cake just for puppies like me? I sure hope so. I wanted to say to my buddy Axel man stop biting I know I know easier said than done but then again it is a good excuse to get a new chew toy. I will have to keep that trick in mind. I do hope you feel better pal. Mom says that lotion the vet gave you guys sounds scary. Might make you sick? She says WTF?! Oh to my sweetie Fee get your butt online more and post! I also hope her parents are posting enough to give me a good read. Also to my friend Pip who is having a bit of a flatulence problem(hehehe gas what's wrong with that?!) I hope you feel better mom said something about you having a few other problems that she said were not to be mentioned on my blog.
My dear Grandmother walked me this AM and she said I looked so pathetic with my body stretching and then I had to wipe the sleepers from my eyes. Well she would too if she slept in my mom and dads new comfy bed. She's gotta know by now I am not a morning pup! Oh and pathetic? How is that the nice way to describe your favorite grandson?
Well I better get going since I need to get walked and fed. Hope all of you are doing well.
I think when grams gets home I will be hiding myself and my paw so she won't play doctor with me.

Your pal,

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19, 2006

Hey guys,
I figured I'd post while my parents are cleaning the room and doing laundry.
Mom's too happy with this new bed. I gotta admit the jump might be higher but oh so worth it. Did I tell you how mom signed me up on Well she did and then she had the nerve to put the cat on also. Well Desiree ends up getting more friends on there than I. Can you believe the feline has more friends than moi? What gives? Well mom proceeds to brag about how Desiree has more buddies than the puppy. Yes that's me and how her and grandma think its funny! What gives?! I figured I'd post a picture of her so you can see the evil cat that tortures me and attacks me.
Mom says I should be nice to hear before she lived with us she lived in a one room house with over 200 cats and dogs. Can you believe having to suffer like that? Sharing a bed and your food with someone else?! I would not go for that.

Dad's having problems with the remote and mom says he's too cheap to break down and buy a new one even though it changes the channels without anyone touching it. Oh yeah that was a fun night with that little dispute going in full blast. Oh before I forget I wanted to wish Axels' mommy a happy belated birthday. Hope she got everything she wanted for her birthday.
OK now with that done mom says I need to get off of here so they can take me for a walk. Hope all are well and cool enough. Take care!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006

Hello Everyone,
I am going to appologize for my lack of posts this week. I've been rather busy being bathed far too many times. I don't get the obsession that has come over the mad woman formerly known as my mother. She has taken it upon herself to bath me every other day at least. She says she is tired of smelling me. She should be the offended and smel myself I know I stink but man does it have to be a bath? Dad got smart and hid upstairs mom calls him a wimp. Grandma was around for this latest assault on me and she ran upstairs too. Mom says she's surrounded by wimps. I don't think they are wimps I think they're smart. I'd rather not be bathed either. I was forced inside for yet another day due to this unsufferable heat. Mom did take me to the ball field this morning so I could run and sniff whatever I felt like. We did meet up with my buddy Tucker. We played around the ball field with his owner spraying the hose. I got to play my favorite game in the whole wide world chase me while I run with the ball. Ha I am still the champion! Then tonight while mom and I were doing a walk I ran into my buddy Oreo. I think I'm in a bit of trouble with mom since she kept saying "play nice". Man I can't help it Oreo taught me to play rough and I am a puppy and I like to play rough. I got a sinking feeling that I will be not playing with Oreo too much this week. She's worried I might hurt Oreo. I wouldn't do it intentionally. Ah well Dad's off tomorrow night so I'll be getting spoiled and I heard mom mention something about a new bed coming tomorrow and that I'm not allowed to pee on it. My mom sure does have alot of rules. OK guys I'm gonna go I heard something about a treat for me. Take care and keep cool if it's possible.
Oh I forgot to mention mom signed me up for dogster here's my link I hope it works otherwise it is and my number is 347053. Hope to see you there!

Keep cool,

Friday, July 14, 2006

I can not believe the evilness that exists in this world!

I'm cross posting without permission but I'm sure the person that posted would not have a problem with it since it is helping out other dogs from a puppy mill. I will not however post the atrocities that have happened but include a link to this person's dogs blog for you to read. I'll have that much sensitivity. If I had the money I'd give but I will pray for any and all help these people will need in the coming weeks.

Jen & Ozzy

the link is

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been shot!

OMG I was shot yesterday by this foul smelling animal. I've learned that it is called a skunk. Mom and Dad were going balistic because it was going at me and I was trying to attack it and run away from it at the same time. Man get sprayed in the face by that bad boy and you'd run too. Dad and I were in the back playing when the foul vermin walked right by dad and he ran the other way so that it wouldn't go after me. Doesn't think to mention to my mom that there was a skunk around or she swears she would have grabbed me and ran. Well needless to say I was shaking like a weirdo and going crazy because he got my face and maybe some of my eyes. Well next thing you know it's going back in the backyard again and mom and dad are on the porch yelling for me well man I wanted to get my teeth on that bastard for spraying that foul smell in my face. Finally mom and dad distracted it and dad grabbed me. We got to the porch and the horrors continued. I got not one bath but 3. What the hell! I shouldn't be subjected to such abuse when I was the victim in all of this. Mom went out without me comes back and she informs me that I am getting my 3rd bath for the night. Jeez!
Well getting sprayed does have it's advantages. I got some new treats and a new collar because mine is wrecked. I hear there are a few more baths in my future with that fancy stuff mom has found works. Oh Great! Well time to get moving I wanna go get something to eat and push this sympathy card as much and as long as possible.

Not so smelly,

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006

Good Evening Everyone,
I figured I'd take some time out to post since mom's watching TV and grandma is downstairs talking to great grandma.
It was a nice day today mom and dad took me to the ball field and played with me. Man that was a blast. We went yesterday too and I met this lucky Pit Bull Terrier named Smokey. Smokey's a cool guy he'd just been rescued 2 days ago from the local shelter by his new dad. He seemed like a real friendly guy unfortunately he couldn't play because he'd just been altered. Smart move on his owners part. Don't need any unnecessary births. So hopefully Smokey will be around more for me to play with. Good Luck Smokey in your new home. Mom got a little choked up seeing a dog get what she hopes and seemed like a happy better home. She said she wants to download a picture of me and grandma on the computer chair but she's gotta see how it turned out since I decided to move right when she was getting ready to snap the picture. Man what's a guy to do don't they have enough pictures of me on this computer? So not much more going on. Hope everyone is doing well. Speaking of doing well, I'm glad to see my buddy Mackie is going to start feeling better seems he was feeling a bit under the weather and his mom Melissa took him to the vet and it was just a upper respitory infection of some kind. Feel better soon buddy.

Your pal,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 10, 2006

Good Morning All,

Sorry it's been a while since the last time I wrote but mom and dad have been busy and grandma doesn't let me online to post on my blog. You'll see I've posted a couple of new pictures of my new do. Well the one is me and Dad down at the park watching the hot air balloon land. Man those things are awesome to watch and I wanted to ride in one but mom said they don't allow rides and plus she'd be afraid I'd jump out after something. Well only if it was a bug I'd jump. Mom and Dad went to New London, CT to watch these awesome fireworks last night. Mom's a bit upset because she checked their website and it said no dogs please. Well she got there and she said that there were enough dogs there that next year I'm going. Apparently as she was getting ready to go these fireworks are done by some family named Grucci. I don't care as long as they had fun. Hmm not with me though. OK all I'm going to get myself moving along and go spend some time in the sun with mom. Hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you soon.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5, 2006

Hello All,
Well I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I've been a busy pup.
Well first let me tell you about my friend Fee. She's written a whole post about me on her blog.
I am so flattered and impressed that dogs in Singapore are writing about me. Wow I'm such a lucky dog! Well I just wanted to mention to Miss Fee that I am not a baby even if she is a whole 2 days older than me! That's just wrong. As for her parents not giving her enough treats man that's not nice. Oh by the way my friends I love the whole photo shoot idea. How much fun that had to be.

OK now onto my buddy Axel you have to remember I mentioned him in previous posts. Well him and his parents went to the beach and NJ. Apparently they stopped off in a town called Ocean City NJ and they were going to go to a local dog park to let him play and apparently it was a resident only dog park. Hmm what's up with that? Aren't you guys trying to base your economy on tourism? Well guess what Ocean City you guys suck! I am agreeing with Axel and his folks. The least you guys could have done was made it available to tourist dogs like my buddy Axel. I'm sure not going to let mom and dad take me to Ocean City. It doesn't even sound like a fun place to visit let alone being biased towards us canine tourists.

Now onto my day today. I got to go visit my friend Donna at Shampooch. She got to spend the whole day with me. Isn't she a lucky lady? I know I would think so. She shaved me down trimmed my nails and trimmed me up. Man I am one handsome looking boy!
Mom took pictures of me to share with everyone and told me that if I don't post 'em on my blog she'd sneak online while I was asleep or out and post 'em for me. Man she does NOT play fair!
She did say she'd get better pictures taken of me in a few days she's gotta get dad to get new batteries for the camera.
So I'm gonna post a couple of pictures of me and my cool new do. So here you go enjoy. I tried to post this earlier and it went poof. I'm blaming the cat since she was in my room and near the pc. I'm sure she was trying to ruin my fame in blog land.