Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog days of summer. . . . I think not

They call it the dog days of summer and for once in my life I don't know something. Why are they the dog days of summer? I certainly can't enjoy them when it is hot as can be and the humidity is seriously high. I don't like it super hot out and I think the world needs to find a new title for this time of year because quite frankly this here dog is not enjoying the summer as much as he would like to. Let me explain how it has been for the last week or so. It's been at least 90* with a heat index of something awful and with the humidity it makes me pant like nobody can believe. We don't go for walks because I don't like getting up before 7 am and mom says anything after a certain hour is just not good for me. I can't swim because she won't put me in the car to let me enjoy the water. I did a nice coupon for my favorite pet store but alas can't go. . . . why? because it's too hot out!! God I miss winter or at least cooler temperatures because I am super bored even with the toys mom has strewn around the house for me to play with.
Well let me see if I can at least convince her I can go out and play in the hose for a few minutes.
Enjoy your day my friends.