Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I have yet another favor to ask of all my blogger friends out there. Our friend Rowdy a German Shepard Pup is in a contest and we need your help to cast your vote for Rowdy. Now I'm not sure what he wins but hey who wouldn't want to win a photo contest? I know I would. So please please please vote for Rowdy. Here is his Mom Joan's email to our list.
Hi everyone!! I was wondering if you could do me a big favor? I entered my German Shepherd Rowdy in a photo contest and would really appreciate it if you would go and vote for him. The address is: http://www.snobbydogs.com/index.cfmWhen you get to that site, on the left hand side of the page, click on "photo contest". On that page Rowdy is about 3/4 of the way down in the dog pictures. His name is beside his photo. Under his pic, click on "enlarge this photo". On the left side of that page, click on "Vote for this month's winner". I hope you will vote for him for me, this is his very first contest!! Thanks to anyone who votes, I appreciate it!!!Love,Joan, Danny & Rowdy
So thanks for doing this for me and I swear it won't cost you a thing like my last favor!
Wirey hugs,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

First let me start my blog out by saying Fufu I will miss you my friend. I hope you're having fun at the bridge. Secondly let me say my baby brother will be a year old on the 27th. God I hope when he turns a year they don't bring home another surprise like they did when I turned a year. I hit a year and BOOM I have a younger brother. We went and saw my friends this weekend at Paws of Distinction. What a good time it is to see my buddies. Grandma's not happy with me I kept barking all weekend long. Well so she says. I think I only barked a few times. Mom and dad took us out with them this weekend and we had some fun rides even though the rain kept coming and the clouds blocked the sun. We even got to go see the "new place". Now I don't know for certain what this is but mom kept saying Oz I want this to be our new home. So I guess she wants it. Hopefully dads right and whatever mommy wants mommy gets. I heard from my friend that we will be in some ads for our favorite store. I'm soo for that that I signed my paw agreeing to the whole deal. We also went to the new barkery we have around here. It's called Beacon Barks and it was a nice place. We got a new brush out of the deal and some treats. Mom's more happy over the brush than I am but that's nothing new. Her and dad went to see Shrek 3. They both seemed to like it and mom is in love with the dronkey's. She's silly that way. Dad said if it wasn't supposed to rain tonight we would have gone to the drive-in and watched it with them but they did indoor movies instead. Fine I'll make sure we go see some other movie with them. I've got at least 3 more months of drive in movies to go. Ahh the drive-in movies. I get to see the latest feature, smell the newest smells and get treats along with them. What more could a pup ask for? I'm sure I could think of something but I'll take this for now. Well I hate to cut this short but I see my brother trying to take my spot in bed. Mom also said it's time for bed. Have a good night all.

Wirey hugs,

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh what a fun day!

First let me say thank you to all that donated in our honor. We are official members of the Golden Bone club and like mom said it went to a great cause. We did get groomed at our favorite place the Little Tin Tub in Wappingers Falls NY. She is the nicest lady and lets us run around and play with the other dogs. But we had to get crated Saturday because she had the police dogs there and didn't want anything bad to happen. I totally understand they're doing a real job and can sometimes be not so friendly. Now onto the more important business at hand. I just want to say that getting up at 5:45 am is not my cup of tea. I don't know why the 'rents got up quite so early but they did. Mom proceeded to give puke boy oops I mean Romeo his Dramamine so that he'd have it digested by the time we hit the road. Good thinking Mom. She then proceeded to walk us and make herself coffee and then it was off to the shower where she and I have our morning ritual of taking a shower together. I can't help it I've done it since I first moved in with them. Then we got the SUV packed for the ride. Of course we had to make a stop at Starbuck's because mom can't live without that morning jolt when she gets up a God knows what hour HER quote not mine. Off we went again. Let me say the ride down was beautiful. Nice area to go for a visit anytime. Puke Boy survived! My brother is such a wimp when it comes to car rides that mom wasn't sure how he'd handle it.
So then mom got the camera out of the bag and her and dad proceeded to let us out of the car to get our sniffing on!
Oh man all those doggies and things falling to the ground. Romie of course puked three times from the excitement. Mom says he's a sensitive terrier and I should be nice. We checked in and found out thanks to the recalls there would be no snackies for doggies this year. GRRR I should bite those ba$tards on the butt for ruining my treat day! We then walked around and checked out the sites. We did score a new toothbrush. I don't see mom doing that but hey we've got it if she dares to try it. We ran into our friends from Paws of Distinction.
Oh man I got an AWESOME new shirt from them.
On the back it says SECURITY which of course I am. They did have coupons for free cookies for our next trip to their store. I'm there the next day dad has off. So we met up with some awesome dogs. I swear I thought I saw my love Shayna there but alas it was just an impostor. We then saw another wire there that was dressed as a ladybug. Mom tried to take a picture but she wouldn't stay still. Must be the wire in her. Then we got to the starting line and met up with this really nice pit bull bitch. She was so much fun to play with. Mom said she would have loved to have had a leash like she had with the hearts on it. Then POW off we went to walk for cancer! It was a nice walk around Hessian Lake.
Mom stopped to take a picture of me on the rock but this kid kept getting in her way so she said screw it. We went back to walking. The end goody bag was the best ever. We got frisbees, a soccer ball, squeaker toys and some other stuff. We then decided to grab a bite to eat. Now I had a hot dog and I kept asking Romeo and mom if they were actually dogs.
Mom told me they were not. Good because I don't think that'd be nice to eat my own kind. Dad shared a cheeseburger with me Mom doesn't know that though. We strolled around some more and decided time to go. The ride home going past West Point Academy was breathtaking. We then got home and went to bed for a nice long nap.
Thank you all again for the donations and moral support.

Wirey hugs,

Saturday, May 05, 2007

ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!! Oh man the countdown is on we're talking 24 hours my friends and I for one can hardly wait.
So for the big event we're getting a hair cut. Well actually it's mom's excuse for just getting our summer cut. Hey I'll take any excuse to go visit my favorite groomer lady. Now we don't get stripped because well quite frankly we don't have one in the area. Mom's checked. I've included a picture just so you all can see how scruffy I've become. Well I am promising pictures for tomorrow so stay tuned.
Wirey hugs,