Monday, August 28, 2006

Hello All!
Well I just wanted to thank everyone out there that signed up through either my friend Axel's blog or my friend Mackie's blog to vote for Dean-O. That is terrific and hopefully we can all keep voting to get Dean-O into the top spot and win the monthly prize.
So yesterday was my day to go for my weekly dog social walk as the lady that runs it calls it. Which is fine by me so long as I have fun and get to play. Well Gulliver was there this time the standard schnauzer and he has this weird obsession with my leash. Now Gulliver and his buddy Jazz get to go off leash and so does Punto the German Shepard but not me. Mom says she doesn't want to take any chances with me getting lost or the park rangers getting upset for us not following the rules which is fine by me since Gulliver is also becoming a bit abusive towards me. Now I don't mind playing rough like the next guy but do you have to grab on my leash and pull me every time you run up to me? So we're doing our walk and mom and dad are commenting on how they wish she'd pay more attention and actually watch her dog but for some reason she is busy talking to Puntos' owner Isobel. So we finally hit the beach and I know that dad's got on his swim trunks so that means we're going in the river with the rain and everything when out of nowhere Gulliver runs up and growls at me and bares his teeth at me. Well I decided that I wasn't going to let that one happen so I growled back and showed him my fierce teeth. Mom wasn't pleased at Gulliver and his mom pulled us apart. So dad grabs a stick and throws it in along with 3 other ones so that we can all play fairly. Well he took both of my sticks and Jazz took the other one. Geesh what's a guy to do to get a stick now a days?
So then Jazz and Gulliver both gang up on me and next you know Gulliver has my neck in his mouth. So Gullivers mom gets this idea that they should take me off lead to give me an advantage. Wow that was a blast I took off like white lightening. I booked off and left those two in the dust well sand actually. Mom finally got me to stop and whaddya know Gulliver was back Mom nicely told him to back off since she was with me. Dude didn't listen to mom(now that's a dumb dog) and he decided to try to get rough but his mom was right behind him with a pull of get off! We finally left after mom decided to keep us two seperated and we were walking and Gullivers mom kept saying him and Jazz are never like this. Mom and dad both say bull! Mom's trying to decide if we should go again this week if it was just dog's being dog's or does Gulliver have a thing against yours truly.
I really want to go back I like my walks they're fun and get me in shape and man did I mention I get to PLAY IN THE RIVER!!!
OK I appologize if I rattled on and didn't make sense since I'm a bit pooped from playing in the hose today.
Take care!

Wirey hugs,
PS grandma says mom's overreacting but hey! that was my neck wrapped in teeth not hers!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well I got some new pictures to post on here today. Mom took a picture of me last night while I was sleeping in the bed with my new bone from my favorite store that I mentioned in an earlier post. Then the nice lady Amanda from Paws of Distinction wrote mom back and included the cool picture of me so I gotta show that off to everyone.
Well I better update you guys on my girl Tilly she's back off to Bristol today to get that pesky feeding tube removed and is walking much better though mom says she's not up to par. Hey I say any walking she's doing is better than none at all. Hopefully she'll be back to her terrierific self soon enough. Get better young lady! Now I read that my friend Opy is getting her lumps checked out. I hope she'll be okey fine and that maybe her folks will allow her back into the house after the incident the other night when the bird flew right into her mouth. Man I woulda eaten that bird right up myself too if that were the case.
Oh before I forget which we know I'm prone to do can we all go and register with and vote for Dean-O he's entered in the pet of the month club which could easily land him $1000 big ones and he's not going to spend a penny of it on treats even though he got attacked by a dog the other day. Nope this tough guy is going to give it to the fox terrier rescue group. Wow now that's a terrierific dog if I do say so myself which I do. So thanks to anyone who does.
OK now I'm gonna post my pictures for all to see and then get to moving since mom is on a kick to walk with me for a half hour every night in this venture of hers to lose weight. Hey any reason for us to walk is good enough for me. I made a new friend doing this walking last nite a black lab named Tucker. He was a cool guy fun to walk with and everything.
Wirey hugs,

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wow I haven't written in here in a few days. Mom's been busy online today trying to find out how to get grandma's new MP3 player to work on her computer. She's not having a good time. Well I found out Tilly is improving even more since she's been home. I'm telling you man nothing like being home with your family. Mine by the way had left alone today for a few hours while they all went to the mall. Dad said it was interesting going out with the girls. Wouldn't know dad you left me behind. Mom's been also online looking for her cousins wedding registry at the places she was told they were at. They're getting married on October 21, 2006 and what do you know I wasn't invited. I could have and would have gotten a tux for the occasion. I would have been perfectly happy being dressed up for some filet mignon. Geez I guess I'm not important enough. That's ok I hear Moto isn't invited to his own parents wedding. Man I'm sorry my cousin I won't even ask what happened there.
I'm happy to report that Sammy is getting along much better with his new furbuddy Max which apparently is his name finally. That's terrific guys good luck!
Oh I want some more prayers(demanding little man aren't I?) Mackie my friend's aunt Michelle got burnt the other day while sitting on her porch chatting away on the phone by a firecracker that someone set off. Well if you thought that was the worst part you're wrong she got treated very poorly by the cops and emt's that were there to help her. Geez mom says don't send them to help her she'd rather just sit there hurt if that was the "help" they were going to offer her. So I hope Aunt Michelle will get better fast and get them guys a good slap on the wrist to say the least. Maybe she should have Mackie come over for some kisses mom says mine always make her feel better.
Mom and grandma bought me a cool new toy at my favorite toy shop in New Paltz NY it's called paws of distinction and wow they have some cool stuff there too. My buddy Tessa wasn't in that day her mom wasn't feeling well so I got to sit on her couch and just hang out until these two guys came in and asked me to test out this squeaky toy they were gonna buy for their yorkie. Oh while I was there I even got my picture taken. Mom's trying to get a copy of the picture for my blog. Their pawsome website is I highly suggest dropping by and checking out their goods I say try out their biscuits since they are yummy.
Mom says she is impressed by said toy because they bought it on Saturday and it being Tuesday it has lasted this long. I think that was a shot at me I'm not sure though.
Well, I'm gonna get going I wanna go chew on that toy some more. Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Wirey hugs,

Friday, August 18, 2006

Terrierific News on Tilly

Hey all just wanted to let you know Tilly is home and doing good. I have read that she is even walking with some help even stumbling and getting a bit exhausted but her mom Brenda said compared to 10 days ago that's PERFECT almost. Mom is a little choked up at the good news but hey I don't blame her one bit I am too.
Tilly even ate a bit on her own if she does that a few more times they say that feeding tube will come out. She even drank water when the vet said you had to force water her.
Her son Robbie is going bonkers (like a true terrier) 'cuz his mum is home finally.
Tilly my friend keep up the good work and we'll keep up them prayers and good thoughts!!

Wirey hugs, dances and kisses!
I'm 9 months old as of yesterday!! Woohoo go me!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a quick post to say that my friend Tilly is doing much better and so far is scheduled to go home on Thursday if she keeps up her terrier-tude and doing as well as she has been doing since seeing her mum and son on Sunday.
I really wanted to thank everyone for praying for my friend and keeping her in your thoughts. It amazes mom and me how we all bond together in times like this to make sure one of us dogs gets better. OK I'm done being serious now. I'll post more later or tomorrow.
Take care and have fun!

Wirey kisses,

Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been tagged by Fee!

This is me on my recent car ride with mom and dad to Petsmart. I got a new goose that lasted about 30 minutes. Man that bad boy tasted so good and oh the noise it made was awesome. Mom and dad were impressed with my destruction skills.
Looks like I’ve been tagged by Fee! You don’t know what that means? Well apparently, its kind of a confessional. You tell everyone five five weird things you've done/five weird habits of yours and then you tag five more people, and so on and so on.So five weird things about me, or that I’ve done ….I can’t even imagine, mom says I’m perfect. Okay, I confess:
1. I like to bark it is the one thing I do well since I bark at whatever I think I need to bark at. Even if there is nothing there.

2. Well I must confess I love eatting salads with my mom they taste delish and I hear it is good for me.

3. I like to watch any animal show the animal planet is my favorite thing to watch or the dog whisperer.

4. I really don't like the dog Oreo that plays with me. I just play with him to see how much I can beat him up.

5. I really love burying things in the backyard even if I dig it up a minute later and eat it again.

Now I gotta tag 5 people so I'm hoping I don't re tag someone here goes. . . . . I tag Cyrus, Zach, Tinkerbelle, Bogart, and Sammy.
Have fun my friends!

Wirey hugs,

Good news on my friend Tilly

OK I'm showing you Tilly's mums email to mom's group. Mom teared right up hearing this good news.

Tilly's Mum
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 10:23:30 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Tilly Update

We went to see Tilly on Sunday afternoon. The good news is that if she continues to feed through the tube ok we can bring her home Thursday afternoon. There is no treatment for what she has , just dedicated nursing care. 60 – 70 % recover apparently. She has Distal denervating disease.
When we went in she wagged her tail and Robbie went berserk jumping up and down and barking. When he’d calmed down he lay beside her and they licked each other’s faces. It was so sweet. She didn’t look very pretty as they’d shaved her neck. She had her paw bandaged where the drip was and a tube in her side. She had a stretchy net vest on. She’s had some food through the tube and luckily hadn’t been sick. Over the next few days they are going to increase it to the full daily amount. She was quite bright, lifting her head and looking around. She growled when another dog barked outside the room. Her growl sounded normal to me. I couldn’t get her to bark – remember her bark had gone all squeaky and her growl. We put her on her peanut and gave her some physio. She also sat for about 1 minute, but her front legs were in front of her, not the usual upright wire position. We were there an hour and a half and she seemed to tire very quickly. She is still biting ! I left her two favourite toys for her, just so she felt a bit more at home.
When we go in Thrusday they are going to show us how to feed her through the tube. The drip will have been removed as she will get her liquid from the food. We have to try and get her to eat solid foot.
Thankfully it isn’t hereditary and if a dog gets better they never get it again.
If anyone finds anything else, or maybe even some homepathic cure, please let me know.
Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

Brenda & Tilly & Robbie (I saw mum and washed her face)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Picture of Tilly

This is Tilly, Robbie & her mum Brenda.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Update on Tilly

This is the latest as of this am from Tilly's mom. Please keep Tilly and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Also the doctors who are taking care of her so that they may find out what is wrong with that sweet girl.
We came home from Bristol a very miserable crew having had to leave Tilly there. The vet had tested all her reactions and was baffled. She said they do not match up with each other. I will not say what she said at that time as it is out of date, but what she told me when she rang that night with an update.
It was nothing to do with the fall that caused her to fall over. That was just coincidental. She was worse that evening, more floppy. It seems that her motor nerves are being affected, not her sensory nerves. They are worried it may affect her respiratory system and she would then die. The have put her on a drip as although she tried to lap water she didn’t swallow it. Today, if she lives they are going to put a tube into her stomach as she will not eat. She has some sort of toxin. If it is a homeopathic one 70 % get worse for ten days then recover. She still has some fight in her – she tried to bite them ! That’s my girl. (I’m crying)
Tomorrow she will have an MRI scan.
They asked if she’d eaten a dead animal. The only one I know of is when she had a (stinking) dead rat in her mouth to bring into the puppies near the end of May. I took this off her.
Apparently a blood test showed she had abnormally high levels of fat in her blood. I cannot understand this. She has Pedigree Complete and Butchers wet food, table scraps, smackos as treats and pigs ears. The vet said these would not have caused these levels.
Several vets have looked at her. Today the are going to knock her out and test her muscles.
She and Robbie have been together all the time. I am worried sick about him now.

From: Tilly's Mom
To: Wirefoxterrier group
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 4:11 AM
Subject: [wirefoxterrier] Tilly Update
The vet rang last night and said that Tilly had had a good day.She was no worse and maybe even a little better.Her breathing was fine. They have done more blood tests which will take a week to come back.They have had her standing on a peanut. We think this is a peanut shaped frame that supports her belly so she can stand. This is to stop her getting bedsores and also pneumonia from lying down all the time. We are going to go and visit her this Sunday. She can still stand on her own for a short time.
Today they will knock her out and test the muscles and nerves in her legs. From this they can tell if she has any spinal damage - discs, spinal cord. If she has she will have an MRI scan.
I asked about the incubation period if she'd eaten something and she said that they had dismissed this idea now and this wasn't the cause. They still do not know what the cause is. I just hope that all of it is reversible.

Sat, 12 Aug 2006 19:14:50 +0100 (BST)
[wirefoxterrier] Tilly Update

The last three days no change maybe be marginally better but hard to say. No worse anyway. Yesterday they tested her spinal fluid which is fine. When testing her muscles with needles (?) they were all abnormal - better near her spine and worse near her paws. Whilst she was out they put a tube in her stomach to feed her. She is on a drip. They turn her every four hours and in the afternoon she is taken out onto the physio ball (board?) where she can stand and is supported so she doesn't fall over. All tests so far have come back negative - ticks, etc. At first they thought it was botulism, but this has been ruled out.

Thye now say it is idiopathic disdordinvating (phonetic spelling !) or did she say disco-ordinating ? I asked her what her gut feeling was and she said hopeful. Her breathing is fine and she was very very grumpy today, biting - that's my girl ! They have had dogs before in with it and 60 - 70 % recover after 3 - 4 weeks like this.

We are going up tomorrow to see her. Apparently it was nothing to do with the jumping out, that was just coincidence. At least she is in the best place in the country.

Robbie is missing her terribly. Please pray for her everyone.

Brenda & Tilly & Robbie

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prayers for Tilly

OK guys I don't normally write this soon or ask for anything really. But a new mommy wire was out with her humans and wirey son this past weekend and she hurt herself. Her mom Brenda says that "Tilly had a fall on holiday by jumping out of her pen where we put her with Robbie while we unpacked the caravan. She has never done this before. We didn't see what happened. She seemd ok for a couple of days except she couldn't jump on the bed which we put down to stiffness. She walked fine on her lead. Sunday morning she didn't want to walk so we carried her as it was very very hot. Monday morning she kept falling over. We rang our vet and went there when we got home that afternoon. He thought it was severe bruising of the nerves in her neck and gave her anti- inflamatory injection and a tablet for later.I had to take her back this morning. She cannot bark, only squeak. This morning she cannot walk at all and just falls over. She seems to be in no pain at all. I took her to the vet this morning and she had x-rays and neurological tests. The vet said I need to take her to Bristol University Veterinary College tomorrow for 9.30am. This is over 3 hours aways so we are going tonight. Robbie cannot understand what has happened to mum." I'm asking you guys to put Tilly and her family in your thoughts and prayers to help them find out what is wrong with her and for them to make her all better. Also for them to have a safe trip to the vet's office it is a 3 hour drive one way. Man Tilly is one lucky lady to have a mom who loves her so so much. Mom told me that Tilly had pups when she joined the WFT Yahoo list back in March (probably a short time after she joined) and that Tilly now lives with her son Robbie who is beside himself with worry over his mommy as you've just read. I can't imagine how he feels I'd be nuts if my mommy wasn't feeling too hot. OK so that's my request from all of my friends out there to please please please pray for Tilly and her family!
Thanks so much,
figured if I copied what she wrote it would make better sense to all that were reading it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7, 2006

Hey all!
Mom finally got off of the computer long enough for me to type away.
Well this weekend wasn't too bad nor was it extremely hot. Made my walk with my friends even more fun. We ran into my buddy Barron and he and I chased each other around along with my new bud Gus. What a blast we all had running around on the sandy beach and we all swam in the gorgeous Hudson River we didn't see the alleged manatee that has ventured up to my neck of the woods. Man we would have asked him or her to play with us. This was my first time swimming and wow I see what mom is always talking about how she loves swimming all the time. Too bad her pool doesn't allow us pups I'd ask to go along with her. Dad said he had some fun watching us dogs play and to go for the hike with mom and me.
Well I got to listen to my buddy Jesse's story about me. Jesse you see is my buddy who is five years old we do that walk together and is owned by his dog Shayna. Well he has come up with these ideas I guess you can call them about me doing a flip off of a diving board and swimming in the swimming pool. Well Jesse has got some ideas and is quite the creative guy. He even has me swimming across the river and then after the swim across the river I'm getting on the motor boat driving it. Man I like this kid's ideas. He also has me sky diving out of the sky(mom is not sure out of what he didn't say) and jumping into the river. Jesse is quite an awesome kid and mom likes him for his imagination and you know so do I. Man I never knew I was such an adventurous pup!
I wanted to bring up something that I am enjoying doing with this one web page that I belong to that is all about dogs with blogs. Well it is called Paws it Forward. We're to pick five dogs whom we don't know and stop by and say hello to them on their blog. I thought this was a great idea to get us out of our shells and go meet new dogs. Terrific idea Opy and company.
Well dad's working tonight and he had to work this weekend something about mandatory overtime which stinks because we didn't get to hang out at all this weekend like we usually do. I miss my dad when he's busy working. Mom had me outside on my lead for most of the day enjoying the sunshine and warm air. Way better than last week. It's supposed to be cool tomorrow night and man I can't wait. No a/c and even an early morning walk.
Well I wanted to say thanks to all that have been stopping by and leaving me messages. I enjoy making all of the new friends I've made with this blog and wished all of you lived closer for us to play together!
Stay cool and enjoy yourselves.
Wirey hugs,

Friday, August 04, 2006

August 4, 2006

Wow I can't believe it's already August. Time sure flies when you're having fun. In about 2 weeks I will be 9 whole months. They better start planning my birthday party. I'll be a whole year old. Grandma bought me a brand new t-shirt at Target today. Mom says that she'll have to get some pictures taken of me.
Well I'm having a blast I found out on this list mom belongs to that's all about terrier's on MSN has made me breed and dog of the month. Wow I get a month all to my own!
I've been making new friends here in the blogging land. I have made a friend named Buster who lives in Jupiter FL which is where my dad is from. Well, actually dads from Florida not Jupiter. Buster has his own blog on here this is a link to his blog. Feel free to go take a peak if you haven't already done so. Then there is my newest pal Sammy he's a young pup who's looking to get a brother who's a puggle. I'm not sure if I know what a puggle is or that I would want a brother or a sister. This is Sammy's blog link go visit the young guy he deserves it. Mom says she's going to have to learn how to add links to their sites on our site so that way if you visit me you can visit them more easily.
Oh my friend's Butchy and Snickers I'm sure I've mentioned them previously well their mom Linda has started her store with their friend Ladybugs mom. I highly recommed checking out that site too. Us wires have to stick together and support each other so we can get more treats and goodies which is what their moms have promised them with that extra money. Here's the link
Well tomorrow is the day of our now weekly dog walks. Dad is going with us and man I can't wait he gets to watch me have a blast in the river with the other dogs.
Maybe I will get one of my parents to take some pictures for me to share with all of you.
Well I'm cutting this short since it's dad's only night off and I need to go beat him up. Have a grrreat weekend.
Ozzy the terror =)