Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well today is my mom's birthday and I wanted to announce it to the whole world of blogdom. She has done the awesomest thing for her birthday she took me to the park to let me run like a maniac and then she went to Petco and bought us chocolate chip cookies. They were so yummy and I enjoyed every yummy morsel. Can you believe how lucky I am to have such a mom? I got everything a pup could ask for for her birthday. Cookies, play time and plus I hear a special yummy dinner.
I hear the party in AZ is going to be fun. I'm hoping she'll let us go but that's still to be decided if we have the luggage and if she's willing to let us leave her alone for a whole weekend. Paws crossed we'll know by tonight.
Well time to get going we're going somewhere now. Oh man what more could a pup ask for honestly?

Wirey birthday hugs,