Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well it's almost the New Year and do you know I can not wait for this year to end. Betcha can't guess why? Today was grooming day so we went to our friend Wendy's shop and stayed all day. Now let me just clarify for the record I did not mind being there. Wendy is such a sweet lady and her place is always fun. So going there is really like doggie day camp. I mean yes I have to get groomed but she makes it so quick that it's not that bad. Mom was even there for most of the day and had herself a good time.
We got to watch her laugh and enjoy herself. That's always a good thing. I even got to hang out with some German Shephard police dogs. The bitch was not the friendliest girl around but the guy wasn't half bad. I of course wanted to remind her who was in charge. Mom mentioned something about her eatting me in one bite if I bothered her anymore. Pah-lease I'm a tough pup. The holidays weren't so bad. Mom bought us a cheap little squeaker ball and some chewies. Our neighbor Michelle who gives us scritchies all the time bought us a stocking with chewies in it. Did I mention we had roast beef, mashed tatties and gravy with veggies to boot for Christmas dinner? Oh yes I was a spoiled boy. Mom mentioned something about maybe going to work with Wendy at her shop answering the phones. She said we'll see but wow going to Wendy's place to work with mom?! I hope it goes through. Mom needs socialization just as much as I do. HAHAHA! Please don't tell her I typed that. She'd have my hide for teasing her like that. Well I'm going to go watch TV with mom. I hear I've earned it for being a good boy today.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves for the holidays and have a great New Year.

Wirey hugs,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my daddy's 30th birthday. Mom is quiet today and trying to be ok. It's a yucky day outside. I have been snuggled up with grandma today and that's always a great thing. Romeo is of course snuggled up with mom. That's cool in alot of ways she needs to not be left alone according to grandma that is. The picture at right is of me and dad not too long after they got me. I like this picture because I am a skinny boy and there weren't any brothers in my life. My dad was a cool guy and would have made this day fun for all of us. He was just the best dad a pup could ever ask for.
I of course would have snuggled up with him and watched our favorite thing on TV. . . . FOOTBALL! It was always a great thing to do and would have involved snacks. Then there would have been cake which dad would have snuck to us while mom said babe no cake for the boys. She was always a spoil sport that way. Though Dad never seemed to listen to her. No wonder she said I'm just like my father the other day. Mom says that in honor of dad she'll make one of his favorite meals. . . . . . fried chicken. Oh gosh I am now counting down the minutes until dinner is served. The other day we lucked out with some yummy salmon added to our dinner. I always enjoy the salmon filets that she throws in there from time to time.
I have heard that if it's not too bad out tomorrow we'll go do our usual ballfield run. I'm crossing my paws that this one actually happens.
Well it's time for my night walk and I really need to go potty. Have a good week all.
Take care.

Wirey hugs,

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Well it's snowing here today and mom said if it gets a bit deeper we're going for a run. I don't think we'll be going back to Vassar Farms for a while. It's been how many days since my daddy passed? Too many and we're all healing and coping. Mom says she knows no other way to explain it. Life is too quiet without him. I have no one to beat up on mom is too fragile unlike dad who'd take it and give it back. Mom said dad would have had a blast with the snow while moaning and groaning over the fact that he'd have to shovel. He was funny that way he'd love the way the snow'd look but HATED the cold and shovelling. We are so overwhelmed and in awe of all the love and support we've gotten in the last few days. Mom goes back to work tomorrow.
Well I'm going to go and enjoy the comfy Sunday. I've also gotta help Grandma make spaghetti sauce. Mom's orders! Enjoy your Sunday my friends.

Wirey hugs,