Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just a Saturday

Hello All,
I just wanted to say thank you to all that sent their condolences that meant alot to us here in the house.
Well today wasn't such a hot day weather wise we had the most awful rain and wind. But I did have a bonus to my day. My Aunt Nancy stopped by to help Grandma clean the house up and go through some papers of great Grandma's. Oh what fun we all had cleaning out the closet and sweeping! I was of course the ever present assitant showing Grandma how to sweep the floor. Man dull as that might sound I got to explore places in that room I never knew existed and I got to play my favorite game how to attack that dust mop! Too much fun.
Then after dad went to work. Mom came home and announced we were off to Petco! Oh man how lucky could I be today? I tell you playing with my Aunt and Grandma and then off to Petco. Grandma went with us so we got to really do some browsing. So we went to the collar and leash aisle and mom and grandma both made me try on new collars. I got a cool looking striped one that is a teal blue with different colors mixed in. I got the leash to go with it. Then it was off to the bone aisle where I got a nice new smoke flavor bone which I have yet to be given. And then they saved the best for last! The TOY aisles! Well I came home with a new rubber bone for me to chew my happy little puppy heart out. Mom got me the coolest new rubber ball whenever I shake it or it moves it makes a funny sound! Oh my happy heart! I am in love with this new giggly wiggly ball. I can't believe I found something that makes noises and that I've been allowed to play with longer than a half hour. I heard a rumor that tomorrow if it doesn't rain we might even go for a walk with my buddy Punto. If not depending on the wind if not it's off to Vassar Farms for a nice long walk also. Mom says tomorrow afternoon and night she'll be busy studying for her midterms. So she won't be able to play with me too much. Yeah well if that's the case I better get a good walk in sometime. I wanted to say congrats to my buddy Axel and his win on awesome blog of the month award. That is too cool for words my friend! Oh and did anyone notice the St Louis Cardinals won? I bet Gus's dad is happier than words could express. So I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'll post pictures of my new favorite toy and collar as soon as possible.

Take care!

Wirey hugs,

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sad day for a pup

Hello all,
I just wanted to write a short post tonight since I haven't been online for quite a few days. First I wanted to say once more thank you for the well wishes.
Sadly enough on Friday night my great grandma passed away. Mommy told me Saturday morning after I stole great grandma's shoe in protest of her still not being home to play and love me. She told me that she was in heaven with our dog Rascal and g.grandma's cat. I miss her very much everyday and steal her shoe every chance I can get to chew on it. Mommy's been crying a bit so I've taken on the very responsible task of making her smile and laugh at me.
That did work and for a nice reward I got to go for a long long walk with my mom and dad. Oh what fun!
Mommy told me cousin Kai and Teresa's wedding was superb and such fun! I'm so glad. I did hear they had a picture of my cousin Moto and mom said she was a pretty girl. Mom took lots of pictures and of course not alot came out. She does have one she is very proud of ok well two actually. One of her and grandma and one of her and her cousins. I was so envious that they went while I was crated for fear that I might chew away and tantrum up the whole house. Oh how right they were. Mom said it was ok if I included a picture from the wedding. So here's a picture of my mom and her mom.

So I have to sign off now because mom says it's bed time and she's probably right. Geesh I hate to admit that. Take care all and have a good week.

Wirey hugs,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thought I'd share some photos

Well Mom's been having a good laugh at my expense with the camera and wanted to share my photos with all who will laugh. I'm game so long as she's not upset over grandma. Mom thought she'd get a good laugh off of me and my Halloween bandana. Well she took this picture after making me look like an old lady. I coulda bit her I really coulda.But again it made her and actually grandma laugh at me. Can ya tell I am not a happy puppy?
So then I came up with an idea of keeping my germs away from great grandma. What if I did this? See my mouth is covered and no germies can get out and harm her or the other patients in the hospital. Well mom gave me a bath today and brushed me down with the furminator. The bath sure felt good today. The brushing of course felt good. Mom then broke down from the stress and does what she does best. . . COOK! Yum we had stew today and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night. I am a truly spoiled pup. I heard mom talking about making an apple pie tomorrow after school and some chicken and dumplings. Wow stress brings out the good in my mom. hehehe!So mom's going to school tomorrow which is fine I guess. I think personally she should spend some more time with me but I understand school is important. She did find a new place to take me for long walks at this place called Vassar Farms which is right up the road from our house. So maybe next weekend before cousin Kai's wedding her and dad could take me?! Crossing my fingers now. Who could resist a face like this?
(inspired by my friend miss sunshade) Well I'm gonna get going and go for a quick walk with mom. Take care all and give me a little while to add all of my friends to my page. I'm just growing used to Blogger Beta and boy do I like it so far! Thanks again for all the well wishes.Hope everyone has a great week and you are all doing well. Oh congrats to Opy's mom for getting herself a better job that makes her happy. Mommy says it sounds like a good thing. I concur since it means more time home with Opy and Charlie. So enjoy the fall weather and the fall leaves. I know I will be!

Wirey hugs,Ozzy

Just an update and thank you

Wow all the well wishes for my grandma. I am deeply touched and so is mom and grandma. Great Grandma is doing a bit better. The last two days have been a bit touch and go. Of course though she wants to see yours truly but mom doesn't think the hospital would let me in. Even though she'd diaper me to make sure I don't have any accidents. So when she goes into the nursing home even if it is for rehab mom says she'll purchase some diapers for the first few visits for sanitary reasons and then poof I'm gonna go go go to see my grams. The only good thing about great grandma being sick is that mom and grandma have been home the last 2 nights so I get company except when they are at the hospital. I still think I should be allowed in there she is my grams you know!So I just wanted to say thank you to all of my friends for the well wishes on my grams. When she's feeling more up to it I will let her know all the love and licks she's gotten from all of my friends.Mom mentioned something about being stressed and having the cooking bug. Dad says that's usually a good thing and since he said she mentioned stew and chicken and dumplings I know I'll be getting some! Dinner last night was yummy too. Boy am I a lucky pup! I am sorry I haven't had any pictures lately. In due time. I promise. Hope everyone has a good weekend I'll be trying to find something to do with myself. Take care and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.Wirey hugs,Ozzy

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hi guys!
It's good to see everyone had a great time at the Montgomery County show on Sunday. I wish I could have gone but my Great Grandma is in the hospital and wasn't doing so hot this weekend. Thankfully according to my mommy she's doing a bit better. They are talking about putting her in a nursing home for some rehab so that's a good thing.
So Saturday mom and dad and I went apple picking at Wilklow Orchards where mom has gone since she was a kid. That was a fun time! I got to munch on some apples and then mom let me go in the cold stream. I got to see a billy goat and some chickens. Mom says I'm not allowed near the chickens since she's not sure how I'd react to them. Mmm tasty sounding to me if I do say so myself. Then Sunday was the big day we went to do our usual walk with my friends. I got to make a new friend an older girl named Daisy. She had some issues as most always schnauzers do where I'm concerned since they always don't seem to like me. I must have Schnauzer Cooties LOL. I got to hang out with my buddy Punto the German Shepard. Oh he is totally cool in my book he's such a big guy and he is always showing me cool spots to sniff. Mom says I'm in idol worship with him and you know she might just be right. I followed him EVERYWHERE I could that is since he was allowed to go off leash and alas I am never allowed to do so. Mom says she'll be off to the hospital tonight to go visit grandma. I have to remind her to give her a kiss just from me. Well I'm off to go get Grandma and give her hand gardening. Take care all!

Wirey hugs,

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wow I can't believe it is already October. Time sure flies when you're having fun I guess. Mom told me that I have a little over a month to go until my first birthday. Oh boy presents and cake! Geesh I'm gonna count down them days now that I know this.
Mom says she can't believe she's getting tests again at school. She said she just remembered why she didn't like school. Tests and math. My poor Mom. Well my great grandma is home from a week long visit in the hospital. No need to worry she wasn't feeling well and she went away on a little vacation as she calls it. Man she's a funny funny lady. Mom showed her where my treats are downstairs for her to give me. Oh mom do I love you for that one! My Aunt Nancy and my Uncle Mike stopped by tonight. They had to make sure g.Grandma was home ok. So of course they had to spend time with me. I'm happy to report it was a nice weekend minus mom falling on her butt going off the porch. Oh how funny that was. She took that step off and boom on her bum she went. Oh sorry mom but you even laughed. Oh I did get to help my grandmother garden and plant her bulbs. That was a good thing because I did get to help her dig. Which I am pretty well trained at doing. If I do say so myself. I don't think I have much more to write about so I'm going to go sign off and help mom practice her human body notes so that she can ace this test tomorrow.
Have a good night all and a good day. I'll talk to you all soon.

Wirey hugs,