Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey All!

I'll be back soon I just gotta enjoy this weekend of no rain and no floods.

But as soon as I get a free minute I'll be blogging!

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach our goal of $500! Especially Opy. She's the bestest ever!

Wirey hugs,


Friday, April 13, 2007

Whatever happened to spring?

Wow Mom, Romeo & myself seem a bit confused this weekend. Mom informed us that there is a Noreaster heading our way and should be here sometime Sunday into Monday. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind snow but quite honestly I'ma bit done with it myself. I mean how's a pup supposed to go for his evening walks with his mom and brother if there is a big bad snow storm on the way? I tell you it is a conspiracy against us getting ready for our big Dogs walk against cancer event we have coming up. Mom and Dad went shopping without us yesterday and brought home a new ball to chase and of course some chewies and treats. Now I am not one to complain about getting said goodies but geesh couldn't we tag along to get the goods ourselves with some of our input into what we might like. Apparently we do not matter when it comes to going shopping for our stuff. That's fine mom brought home our second favorite biscuits and oh man they taste yummy. I do hope to see Amanda and her crew at the Doggie event next month since I don't see mom, dad, or grandma going to her store any time in the immediate future. Maybe I should sulk tonight and hope I get my way. Nah better not that sometimes bites me in the butt. Well I hate to not post more than my greediness but I'm a bit pooped from the rigorous workout we had tonight. I'm going to go crawl into bed before I start snoring on this keyboard. Take care.

Wire hugs,

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hello All

Wow I haven't been online in a while and I do appologize. Mom graduated and she's now job hunting and we're looking for a new house to live in. Mom says after this she'll need a weeks work of pedicures and massages whatever that is. Mom has gotten on a kick since the pet food recall to feed us strictly homemade stuff. So hey I am not going to complain so long as it's good yummy food like we've been given. We're back to walking almost every other day. Oh man how much fun can that be. We ran into my cousin Lauren last week and she walked me and kept saying what a good boy Ozzy is. Yep that's right I'm a good boy and behave when I'm walking. We're going to be walking with Kelly starting tomorrow and her dog the name and breed of which mom can't seem to recall. We're now counting down the days until the famous dog walk and I must say we were hoping to raise $500. But we're happy with the amount we do have so we'll not complain. So mom's going to go downstairs now and bug grandma because apparently that is her right to do. I heard something about going to Dairy Queen for ice cream and I think I migh just have to force my mom on doing that for me! I do hope everyone is ok out there and had a Happy Easter and Passover. I'll keep you all posted on the new house search and the job search. Take care my friends. I will have new pictures to post this week so have no fear.

Wirey hugs,