Monday, June 04, 2007

What a weekend I had. We went and celebrated Beacon Barks on Saturday in that sweltering heat. Mom was good she only kept us there for an hour and kept us very hydrated. We got to watch a pup parade and enjoy some other doggies. I don't have many pictures for the simple fact that Mom was too busy keeping an eye on us and making sure we were drinking enough. It was such a good idea and I'm sure if they did it earlier in the year say May or maybe even October it would have had such a better turn out but geesh in was in the 90's on Saturday. We went to Beacon Barkery to get some goodies. Mom said it was too packed and why didn't they have the AC on with the door closed? I thought she had a very good point seeing as most of the stores that did have AC also had their doors open so mom and I both thought it was a bit silly to have the AC on and yet not have a cool place for us pups and our owners. We got to meet a bunch of pugs and some very nice people. Mom got a good kick out of me rolling around on the cool blacktop getting dirty while she talked to a petfood representative. I got a feeling we'll be switching to this yummy food we tried Saturday night. (THAT LEG YOU SEE IS ACTUALLY MY DAD'S)That's all right with me I liked it and it has some plant in it to make my brothers butt not stink as much. Yes I do have a bed of roses for a butt I don't care what my folks say.
WE were hoping to see our friends from Paws of Distinction but they just weren't there. But as we were getting done with our day we found a nice yummy ice cream shop called Jane's. They had some yummy vanilla ice cream and even some hot dogs that if were ready would have been in my tummy since proceeds went to local shelters. I'm such a philanthropist. So we got back into the truck and dad cranked on the AC and Romeo and I both laid down on the back seat with the AC blowing right on us. So then Sunday we got to enjoy a bit of off lead time while my brother was inside suffering. Mom was cooking on the grill and she asked if I wanted to go out so of course I complied I mean what dog is that crazy to say no to their mom and some outside time? Well she checked saw that I was the only pup out and I heard my favorite words "go for it big boy!" Now that was heaven. But even better than that? Mom's famous cheeseburgers with some frenchyme fries. Oh what a lucky pup I was to have a yummy yummy dinner. Then I got to sleep with my parents while my brother slept with grandma and I got a chewy all to myself. I was one spoiled pup this weekend. Rowdy did win the photo contest which is great news! Well it is now Monday night and my dad is at work. Mom is right Monday's stink after having dad off for 3 days straight. Romeo got to wear the traditional birthday scarf which I think is only fitting since no one warned me and I had to suffer through the day with that thing on. Oh well I see a comfy spot next to my brother in bed that I think I better go occupy. Have a good week all. Mom's gonna be busy job hunting.

Wirey hugs,



fee said...

dear ozzy,

what's this bacon barks thingie? is it where they keep the food? i had a shock when i saw that pix of you lying on the gravel – before reading the words, i thought you had fainted from the heat! whew...


Gus said...

Nice to see you again. Tell us how it goes with the new food pleas. Muzzer spends lots of time reading labels and web sites, but she is still cookin' for us. (I miss the kibble crunch, OK?)

Asta said...

What's the new food????
sounds like a great day, great food, cool grass, a BBQ, and ice cream..can I come live with you?
Great to see you, do you ever come down to Mankantan? We could kiss
love to you both

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

What a fun time you had! And ice cream too? Wow, you and your bro are very lucky pups.

Glad your pal Rowdy won the competition.

J x

Life with Ozzy said...

The new food is Eagle Pack Holistic Select. The lady really talked mom into trying it out. They've been doing this for over 50 yrs and their foods get certified for country of origin because it's a rule in the European Union. Which after the pet food recall she really would rather know where it comes from.

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Ozzy,

It looks like you and your brother had a fun weekend in the park!

xxx Asta down under

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Ozzy, you 2 looked like you had fun on the grass. :)

~ girl girl

Koobuss said...

Boy, did you guys have a good time. Summer is so much fun. I love ice cream and hot dogs and hamburgers and ....

What's an air conditioner?

Good luck to your mom in her job hunt.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,