Monday, September 11, 2006

My day at the dogwalk

Well let me start off by saying I had such a good time doing the dog walk and I met so many new friends. I went with mom and dad which is always a good time. They had a bunch of snacks to hand out and dog frozen yogurt which tasted pretty good. My friend Amanda was there from Paws of Distinction and they got a picture with me and her. She said she's been enjoying my dog walk along with the other lady that was there from Paws. I am sorry I didn't catch her name.
That's Amanda and me at the dogwalk.
We then went to a bunch of other tents and I got to meet a few pit bulls who were really fun to play with. We also went to a fortune teller who read my paws and told mom that I'd live a long happy healthy life. Wow she's good.
I did run into my buddy Barron from our river walks that mom does with me weekly with nasty Gulliver. I also ran into my good friend Kodiak. Oh I haven't seen Kodiak in a couple of hot months. We played around a bit and mom made sure to get his picture this time. On the left is Kodiak and on the left is Barron.
So unfortunatey we didn't get to meet Annemarie Lucas face to face it was getting too hot and too late into the walk for it to happen and plus my mom forgot to buy more batteries for the camera and we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked. But we did get me microchipped and now I'm good to go in case I get lost. Then came the best part dad bought me a hamburger to munch on. Oh man I love hamburgers off the grill I get them sometimes when mom or dad is grilling. The goody bag was a nice treat and mom got a shirt on it for raising an extra $25 plus. I got some free food samples a frisbee which lasted about 20 minutes. Some treats and a calendar for the rest of this year. That gave mom a good chuckle. I also saw two other wire fox terriers that weren't related to me. Mom was surprised to see two of them they were tinier than me and both girls. The people that we ran into kept complimenting mom on how well behaved I was and how handsome I was. She did get a bit upset because they kept thinking was a girl. Geesh I don't blame you there mom. With a name like Ozzy what did they think I was?! We had great weather but it was hot for me and mom. I did try the agility course and that was fun though mom was surprised I did it so well and caught on so fast. What does she think I am an idiot? I don't know about her somedays. I did find that mom was being followed by another dog a great dane. This chick kept walking up to my mother and followed her around. She pointed out to me that the great dane was behaving and listening to her better than I usually do. Well being that big I'd try to listen better too. What does she expect from a terrier? So we finally went home after a long day of walking, shopping, and hanging out.
So Sunday comes along and I'm a snoring pup in between mom and dad when that nasty alarm goes off signaling that it's time for us to get up. Well I wasn't happy to hear it I knew dad was home there was no need to get up. Mom then tells me it's time to get moving we have plans for the day. Well wait what plans? She didn't discuss them with me. We were going to my favorite place the dog walk! Oh what fun more dealing with Gulliver. But wait we pull up and who's there but my girl Shayna. Oh how happy was I to see my friend and big buddy. Gulliver of course started immediately and mom told dad to just keep walking she goes over and tells Gulliver to back off and stop it. YAY mom. Well finally Shayna sees what Gulliver is doing and boom she puts him in his place. God I love them dominate females. So we go for an extra long walk and I have my human buddy Jesse walking along with me and telling me his funny Ozzy stories. I missed that kid last time we were there. We finally come around that corner and what do I see but the beach and the river that means yep I can get dirty and smelly. So we hit the beach and mom's stil got me on lead just because she wants to go in the water with me and here comes Gulliver for round two. Well I don't know who was faster my friends my fearless mom or my Shayna. They were both right there telling Gulliver to stop it. Gulliver's mom needs to pay more attention to her pup. So we finally decided it was time to get moving we had some yard work to do. Mom did get me a new scarf because it benefitted the Aussie dog Rescue. She says anything to save any kind of animal. So here is my picture of me and dad eatting our burgers and hanging out like guys do.

These are some other dogs that I met at the dog walk. So let me finish this off by saying sorry it took so long to post. Tilly is doing much better. Also let's keep those who lost their lives today on 9/11/01 in our prayers. Mom says it was quite a tragic day. Take care.

Wirey hugs,


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow Oz - you had a "terrierific" weekend! And all your buds seem to be big dogs - I guess big dogs go well with our terriertudes. And they can almost keep up with us running!

Bussie Kissies

Life with Ozzy said...

They sure are big dogs Buster. They play well with our terrier attitudes and energy. Unfortunately your mom had a bad experience which is understandable my mom used to have problems with pit bull terriers. And yep I sure did have a terrierific day. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Wirey hugs,

Sunshade said...

You sure looked like you had so much fun!! And your mom will never lose you now since you have that magic chip in you!!

Unknown said...

Hi Ozzy,
Sounds like you had just the best terrierrific day!!! Wish they had things for dogs like that here. So glad you had fun with your pals!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Life with Ozzy said...

Yeah it was quite a fun day. I'm always glad for days like that. I just wish they'd had more of them. Dad I'm sure doesn't since it cost him a bit of money.
Take care.