Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thought I'd share some photos

Well Mom's been having a good laugh at my expense with the camera and wanted to share my photos with all who will laugh. I'm game so long as she's not upset over grandma. Mom thought she'd get a good laugh off of me and my Halloween bandana. Well she took this picture after making me look like an old lady. I coulda bit her I really coulda.But again it made her and actually grandma laugh at me. Can ya tell I am not a happy puppy?
So then I came up with an idea of keeping my germs away from great grandma. What if I did this? See my mouth is covered and no germies can get out and harm her or the other patients in the hospital. Well mom gave me a bath today and brushed me down with the furminator. The bath sure felt good today. The brushing of course felt good. Mom then broke down from the stress and does what she does best. . . COOK! Yum we had stew today and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night. I am a truly spoiled pup. I heard mom talking about making an apple pie tomorrow after school and some chicken and dumplings. Wow stress brings out the good in my mom. hehehe!So mom's going to school tomorrow which is fine I guess. I think personally she should spend some more time with me but I understand school is important. She did find a new place to take me for long walks at this place called Vassar Farms which is right up the road from our house. So maybe next weekend before cousin Kai's wedding her and dad could take me?! Crossing my fingers now. Who could resist a face like this?
(inspired by my friend miss sunshade) Well I'm gonna get going and go for a quick walk with mom. Take care all and give me a little while to add all of my friends to my page. I'm just growing used to Blogger Beta and boy do I like it so far! Thanks again for all the well wishes.Hope everyone has a great week and you are all doing well. Oh congrats to Opy's mom for getting herself a better job that makes her happy. Mommy says it sounds like a good thing. I concur since it means more time home with Opy and Charlie. So enjoy the fall weather and the fall leaves. I know I will be!

Wirey hugs,Ozzy


Gus said...

Thanks for the photos, I particularly like the photo of Granny Wire! hehehe. You could play Granny and Axel can play the bear, huh?

Food sounds good. We got carrots tonight. Yummy.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Ozzy, Your mum really had a fun time with you and the bandana. You do look kinda cute with it. ;)

~ fufu

fee said...

eek, ozzy! now you have a silly grannie pix too!

we're turning one real soon! we're gonna be big kids!


Life with Ozzy said...

Yes Fee my dear we sure are.
Carrots are my favoritest food in the whole wide world next to mommy's meatballs!
Fu fu she sure did have a fun time with me. Thank you for the compliment.

wire hugs,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey Oz! You look like the poor Huskies in babushkas from Army of Four's blog!

Food food food and walkies walkies walkies. Glad everything is getting better at your house. Licks for your grrramma.

Bussie Kissies