Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Countdown to the Dogswalk Against Cancer

Oh man the mail came in today and we found out that the dogswalk against cancer is May 6 2007. Mom says though she thought she read something about it being a 3 day weekend thingy. That'd be cool too! Oh how much fun was that last year. Mom, Grandma, and myself went last year to Bear Mountain State Park and it was a blast! The walk was nice and the scenery was terrierific. Oh and the best part? I got to meet new doggies and I got loads of treats! How fun!I can't wait. Now mommy has to find people to donate money for such a worthy worthy cause. This is one cause that is close to my mom and grandma's heart since they lost a dog a few years ago to cancer. So I will step up and volunteer my time and walk for a GREAT cause.
Mom says she will ask people at her school and then maybe the ladies at the dog walk that we do in the nicer months. Mom told me she got an email from the ladies and they apparently went last weekend in the cold snowy weather. Nope not me I'd freeze out there or so mom says. She probably means herself. I'm hoping to get some money up so that we can help other animals out there fight and find a cure against cancer. It is quite a harsh disease to get and mom and I would like to help as much as possible. Mom says that hopefully by then she'll be working and will be able to see if her co-workers can help with some money.
We will of course have to bring my brother and I hear from Mom that Daddy is off that weekend too so that will mean that Daddy can go this year with us. Sorry grandma. I'm sure she'll want to tag along too. I don't blame her all those cool doggies in one place and of course us foxies too! I think I was the only one there last year so at least this year it'll be me and my brother. Or as mom puts it my shadow. Ahh the countdown begins.

Wirey hugs,


Gus said...

Ozzy: Can you take Pay Pal. How about Visa? Checks? I have some credit from working, not much since I blew most of it on Miss Snickers, but I would like to contribute.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Ozzy, that is so cool of you to participate. Is your brother joining you in the walk?

~ fufu

Life with Ozzy said...

Yes Romeo will be joining us along for this great cause.
Once I get my page set up to accept credit cards I will let you guys know where to contribute on my behalf. Thank you!
Wirey hugs,