Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Well I'm posting my Happy Valentine's Day a day late. Mom was playing nurse to dad who was and I quote"hugging the porcelain throne" Mom was glad to help dad back to health but I think she wasn't looking forward to that being her romantic holiday. Poor Poor Mom. She has a job interview tomorrow. Dad's going for a better position at his job. Hopefully he gets it. Mom had off again today due to the snow. Man talk about a nice day home. She was just upset because school didn't close until the next morning and she says she would have liked to have slept in. That's ok I would have woken her up soon enough for my morning duties. They rented some movies and have been vegged out in their bedroom snuggled with Romeo and myself. What more could a pup ask for? They even let me run crazy through the snow off lead. Now that was a blast. I'm not sure how much snow we got but it's enough to make me have some fun in the house. Mom says she's pleased to report that I'm listening and following the trainer's homework that she gave my family. She's quite impressed with how well I listen. I didn't realize there was a problem with my listening skills. I thought I listened fine just like a terrier whenever I chose to. I think it's not how mom wanted it to be. Sorry mom. I keep hearing Grandma saying something about just two more days boys. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I hope the trainer lady isn't coming back. I'll keep you guys updated though.
Well I hope everyones holiday was good and you guys got lots of love and some treats. I'm off to watch another movie.

Wirey hugs,


Gus said...

Oz My Man:
So glad to hear that you are listening better. Muzzer says she sometimes thinks I have selective deafness. I said "huh? I'm just a terrier, not anything fancy!"

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

2 more days? Hmmmmmm.....

I rarely listen. Listening is an acquired taste, and I don't like it

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