Friday, February 22, 2008

OK it's been a while I know I know and it's been a while since we got this surpirse in the mail. Mom won't leave the computer and I can't do it at night when I'm snuggling with one of the women in my life so I have found today since it is snowing out. About 2 weeks ago mom and I went to the mailbox. Mom saw this nice looking package and said ooh Ozzy it has you and Romey's name on it. So she brought it in and let us see it. Can you believe we got something in the mail? I know it smelled yummy and of course she just couldn't open it without a ton of pictures. Why I will never know but we must document everything. Especially when I need a cut. Oh well so there was this package and yup sure enough my name was on it. Oh man mom open it up faster. So after a few more pictures were taken to yes folks document the arrival we got it opened. Thankfully my brother did not try to wear the packaging on his head.
I was even more tantalized by the smell of this package and of course it needed more documenting. Please someone explain to her we don't need our pictures taken all of the time.

So then Romeo and I were investigating and trying to figure out how do we get the plastic open. We still can't figure that out with our everyday treats when no one is home. Though I admit we do try. This was by far the best yummiest tasting package we had to have ever received. Then the best part it was meat. I'm not too sure on the hearts but I ate them nonetheless. Romeo of course LOVED the hearts and enjoyed them like it was no body's business. Mom says he needs a diet. Then came the chicken now that I loved it was the best tasting chicken I've ever had. I do want to thank Bogart and his mom for such a yummy treat and I have to say we really did appreciate it. Then one cold day we had to go for a walk on the new Rail Trail that is right down the road from us. It's a nice paved trail that goes through farmland, lakes and forests. It's a dream come true. We can walk near the house and sniff to our hearts content and of course meet other people and their dogs. We met a few dogs that day. We also got to go with our friend Michele and her son John. Halfway through our walk we got stuck in a snow squall so mom and Michele both decided time to start heading to the car. I guess mom said warmer weather will mean longer walks. I'm not going to complain at all. I highly recommend that if you live near us you check out the rail trail for a nice sniffing walk! Here I am enjoying the new rail trail. See what I mean by the nice walk and all that lies before me for the sniffs to start? It was too much fun. The only bad thing was we had to go home early. That's all right though. There will definitely be more walks to come

Well I'm going to get going and maybe even let Romeo post in a few. Hope you all are having a good day and will have an even better weekend. Talk to you soon. I promise.

Wirey hugs,



Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Ozzy! Those treats from Bogart sound pawsome! Hope you have a good weekend pal (and Romeo too!) J x

Anonymous said...

Hey Ozzy,

Wow, treats by mail! Where can I sign up?

You Pal,

Asta said...

It's so nice to see you again..i was happy to heaw fwom you on chat today! Those tweats awe so special, Bogie is a sweetie!!!
That twail looks gweat..pwetty soon it will be spwing and you and Romep can weally go fow long wondewful both look gweat! and tell youw Mom ..We'we glad she documented youw opening!!
love and smoochie kisses

Lenny said...

Nice to hear from you, Ozzy! Those treats look great.

Your friend, Lenny

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Ozzy, that's very nice of Bogart to send those pawsome treats to you and Romeo

~ Girl girl

Agatha and Archie said...

That trail looks like the nuts!!!!!!!!!WHERE OH WHERE IS SPRING???Love and kisses A+A