Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's that time of year again

Hello my friends,
It is my favorite time of year again. Well two of my favorite times of year again. First it is SPRING. Well almost which means no more snow and warm days out on my porch. Which in case anyone is wondering is one of the best porches we've ever had. Then comes my favorite other thing. Dogswalk Against Cancer. This year we are doing it in honor of Dad since he loved doing these things with us and last year was his first with us and he had a blast doing the walk. This was by far his favorite walk with all of us. Mom said he loved doing this walk cause of all the goodies and the nice walk it had. So please friends give in honor fo my pops. He deserves it and so do all of those animals that are suffering with cancer as we speak.
Here's our link.
So we want to say thank you in advance for any contribution you may give.
Wirey hugs,


William Tell said...

A great way to remember David! Hope you enjoy your walks every day, but especially for this one.

William Tell

Asta said...

I think this is a wondewful twiboote to youw Dad..and we will cewtainly contwiboote, I would also like to come on the walk..if at all possible we will...keep us in mind..and wemind us..I'll wite it down, but we have to twy to get a caw..etc..we'll see
thanks fow thinking of me
I'd love to mett you and youw family
smoochie kisses,Asta

Gus said...

guilt is good! Look sad. Don't eat(send food to me!) walk slowly and look back at her often.

we hope it works.

just went and did our part on the walk. Wish we could be there. We hope you guys beat your goal big time.!!!


Lenny said...

Hey Ozzy and Romeo, this is great that you are doing this. I am donating my allowance in honor of your dad and my grandma too, who is a cancer survivor (3 years).

Your friend, Lenny

Anonymous said...

The Mom and I donated!! Have fun on your walk. The Mom says its for a great cause...(she says she has something called pre-cancerous cells whatever that means so she's really excited for you guys doing this!)

fee said...

ozzy & romeo!

i've just read your blog from where i left off (i was away from bloggerland for about 3 mths) and am glad that you've been feisty and having all sorts of wirey fun like before. please send my love and kisses to auntie jen and i hope you'll all have loads of fun at the walk!


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Ozzy, I have just raided J1's credit card and made a small donation. I hope you manage to exceed your target this year! J x