Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I just found out after much moving around in our house that mom is going away for a few days vacation. And the worst part? We're not going with her. I'm sorry why am I not going with her I could care less if my brother goes with her or not but I am Oz and I should be going with her. What if she meets another dog or what if something should happen to her and she needs a security guard? Who is going to be there for that?
Not me apparently. She is apparently heading South to visit an old friend of hers. I'm really not understanding this. So the DogsWalk Against Cancer campaign is going well and we're hoping to have a few of our friends show up and walk with us. I'm actually looking forward to this instead of kind of dreading it since it will be a miss my dad moment. Thankfully Michele will be there and maybe she'll bring the kids with her. So the countdown is on. But I will be depressed because my mommy is going to not be home for a few days. Ho hum time to go pout and maybe give her a guilt trip to keep her home or take me with her. Have a good night all.

Wirey hugs


William Tell said...

Our humans do tend to stray now and then, but most of them find their way home in a few days. I'm sure your Mom will be find and miss you bunches while she's away. Just keep the house guarded while she's out!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Ozzy, my humans just left me for 5 DAYS! I know they really missed me though cos they just bought me a shedload of treats! Hehehe! I hope your mum enjoys her trip. J x