Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friends let me tell you that was a great day we just had. It was so great I'm already ready for bed. I'm giving the face of OMdog can we go to sleep now?! So I beg of you to forgive me but I want to go to sleep. I promise promise promise to blog tomorrow. We also want to appologize to our friends there was supposed to be bandanas in with your nice yummy treats. Mom somehow forgot to put it in with the goodie bag. So forgive us. We plan on sending along some yummies and this time including the bandana.
Wirey hugs,

a sleepy Ozzy

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Daniella said...

Oh oh oh - we were excited there for a tempt us! But we understand how tired you must have been...will check back later. You both look smashing in your Tees, but they look tight. Mom looks good in hers too. We heard from Asta that you had a GREAT time.