Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's almost Sunday

Hello everypup,
I have exactly 12 hours until I meet the lovely Miss Asta, Luna-tic, Jeeves, Smitty, Jessie, Romeo and myself will all be in the same place for a great cause. I can't wait! The wire in me is winding up and getting ready to bounce off the walls. That might have something more to do with the nasty weather outside than the walk but I'm getting antsy. I want to walk and meet new pups and oh man I just can't wait. Mom has been busy doing this and that preparing for tomorrow. She even went to a scrapbooking party last night to prepare for tomorrow's walk. Or so she keeps telling me. She even has a dog walk bag going so that we have everything ready to go for when she wakes up in the morning. She's not the brightest bulb in the box when she's first up and with her being nervous and anxious the memory is worse than great grandma's used to be. So she's going to pack tonight and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. She did mention the fact that she better turn her cell phone up loud cause she'll not hear it since we'll be barking like fiends. So I better get off the laptop or she will be bothering me about stuff she needs to do online before it's time for bed. So my friends until tomorrow night I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. I'm definitely hoping for no rain.
Take care my friends.

Wirey hugs,



Gus said...

Ozzie...I am so excited for all of you. Please take care of Asta's Mommi, and don't go too fast. We hope you have a great time.

gussie n Teka
(there in spirit)

Unknown said...

ozzy i love you!!!
you is a beauthiful [ ou seja la como se escreve isso ] and i'm speak portuguese

Asta said...

Ozzy ,
I had the bestestest time today!!! I loved meeting you and youw baby bwuddew Romeo and youw Moma and Gwama..
You awe all so vewy nice!!!! It was such fun, and we got so lucky wif the weathew..guess what, Ididn't even have to get webafed, heheh
Oh Ozzy and those cookies youw Mom made..WOW!!! they wewe sooo good..THnak you so much auntie Jen..I wish we lived closew, cause I think you guys awe adowable, and soo handsome too..
smoochie kisses and sweet dweams

Agatha and Archie said...

WE CAN NOT WAIT TO READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! WE have PL2's shirt and now she has a bag too!!!! Love A+A