Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well I was checking out Butchy & Snickers blog and saw this challenge and thought I'd do it. It's 8 Random Facts about myself.

1. I love salads if mom is having one for herself she knows to throw in extra for me.
2. I am a true snuggler. If there is a lap or a bed with someone snoozing I am right there.
3. I am addicted to the water. I love showers, hoses, sinks, any kind of running water I am there trying to get my drink on.
4. I have ripped 2 shower curtains since moving into our new home. I am sitting in that shower waiting for the water to be turned on for me. Mom isn't too happy with me over that one.
5. I love to play tug in the park with mom. She has one of those rope tugs and I am a freak and pull until I can't pull no more.
6. I know when there is fish in the house. I hear that wrapper opening and I know we are getting fish for that nights dinner.
7. I am a total social butterfly. I can't help I might growl and bark but I love meeting new people and pups.
8. I was Moses when my breeder named me then Great Grandma wanted to call me Oscar but decided for some reason on Ozzy and G Grandma loved that name even more. I miss my Great Grandma soo much.
So those are my 8 random facts. I know not that big of information but hey they're my bits of information.
I'm not going to tag anyone cause I'm sure most of my friends have already been tagged. Have a good day all.

Wirey hugs,


Agatha and Archie said...

We agree with Butchy and Snickers!! Love A+A

Life with Ozzy said...

Don't worry guys I agree with you also!


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pal, I like salads too, but then I like pretty much any kind of human food! J x

William Tell said...

Nope, you're not a Moses at all. Good for you Mom and Great Grandma for thinking up your forever name. :)

William Tell