Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello All

Hello All,
This is Ozzy the WFT. This is my own blog. Mom said since I was 7 months old it was about time I started my own blog and kept track of what's going on in my life. So this will take some time for me to get used to typing and writing down my everyday thoughts.

I read my buddy Axel's blog and got some ideas from that. Read my other buddies Butchy & Snickers and got some ideas from that. I'm sure that with my smarts I'll be typing and corresponding in no time.
I did read Gus's blog who's link was on my buddy Axels' blog and Mom said that she used to live in Tempe, AZ. After reading how hot it is in Tempe I don't think I would care to live there. I'm not the biggest fan of the summer heat. But if you turn on that outside hose I'm all for it!
OK Mom says she's gotta go outside and mow the lawn so I have to get off of here. Hope to be on here tomorrow or Sunday. Have fun all.

I've included a picture of myself for everyone to see what a handsome guy I am.


Daniella said...

Hey Ozzie,
Cool blog dude. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added you to my friends website.

Keep in touch,

Georgie said...

Greetings from an Aussie Ozzie! Your handsome and you rock! Love Fritz

Gus said...

you are a cool puppy! You are just a couple of months older than Tika, my niece, and she is nowhere near having her own blog. Wires are the smartest, right