Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23, 2006

Hey Guys!
It's me Ozzy here just checking in before the weekend starts for me. Mom and dad are going to see some fireworks on Sunday so that means party time for me I'm home with my grams. How cool is that?!
Mom's upset because she looked online at a contest she entered me in and saw that shock of all shocks I was not winning. Man what's wrong with this world don't they think a cute guy like me deserves some free treats?!
So dads home this weekend which means I should be having more fun than I do with mom! I can sucker him into treats almost always! Mom did mention something about a long walk this weekend if it isn't too hot. Man that heat's kicking my butt. But the upside is that I get to play in the hose! The best thing about the heat!!
I'm gonna get going I wanna go wake dad up before he sleeps too long. I don't get why he wants to sleep when he knows I'm here for him to play with whenever he wants. Have a good weekend if I don't get back online this weekend.
oh yeah if you want make moms and mine day and vote for me at


Mango and Party said...

Hi Ozzy,

You are such a cute young wire!

Thanks for visiting our site, we would like to add you to our links (once we more or less figure out how)- we are really enjoying meeting more wires in bloggerland!!

wft cheers,
Party and Mango

Mango and Party said...

Hey! it is us again!!

As we were able to exit your blog, we saw your birthday, and hey!! You are 2 days younger than our daughter, Fever!!

Fever has a blog of her own and she lives in Singapore too, her 2- legged mummy is our mummy's cousin.

Come visit, and be our family friend:

*more wft cheers,
Party and Mango

Life with Ozzy said...

You are more than welcome.
Please feel free to add me and if you figure it out let me know. I'm not sure how to do it myself.
I'll check out your daughters' blog in just a bit.

fee said...

dear ozzy,

i can't believe my big bad wft parents found u first! and yes, we are only two days apart! i was born on 15 november 2005, two days older than u! i'm sure we'll be great playmates if only we live closer to each other!

i will drop by often to chat. can i put a link to your blog on mine?

PS: i've voted for u! o i do hope u will win!