Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006

Hey folks!
I have some news to post. I have a new friend Georgie he lives with his mom in Australia. Not to mention my good friends Fee, Mango, and Party. They are a couple and have their daughter Fee. They live in Singapore.
I did want to say thanks to my buddies Snickers and Butchy who posted a link to my blog on their page. I feel all popular and stuff. LOL
Well mom found out that it was officially a tornado that touched down on Sunday. UCK! Apparently the National Weather Service came out(uh whoever they are) and said that winds reached 150 mph. Wow I'm glad they were ok.
Well I found out today that my Uncle Mike will be up on Saturday. I haven't met Uncle Mike yet but the way mom and Grandma talk he sure sounds like a ton of fun. I hope he can keep up with me.
Oh and to my buddy Fee you need to get more food and cookies you do sound malnourished at only 18 lbs.
A tornado my dear is when the winds come down in a funnel and go destructo on a certain area of land. Mom says that's a decent enough description. She says they have some good information there.
Oh I got in trouble a little bit the other night. I had the milk carton in the back seat with me because mom had to run out and get milk for the grandmas. I started liking the water off of the carton like I usually do and my mean mommy decided to leave it in the back with me. I gotta stick to the story. Well I started liking like a fiend. I must have punctured it with my teeth. Oh boy mom was not pleased about the milk coming out from the bottom of it. Oops sorry. I couldn't help it I love licking cold wet things. She should have known better than to leave that back there for me.
I did have a blast yesterday with the hose and getting sprayed off. OK time for me to get relaxed and watch some animal planet. I'll let you guys know more about Uncle Mike when he gets here. This should be fun!

Take Care!

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