Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006

Hello Folks,
Figured I'd write to everyone to let you guys know mom and dad are fine. LOL Apparently they got stuck in a possible tornado last night while having a night away from me. Yup that'll teach them to go away without me. Mom's got a picture up on her site of how close it came to hitting the truck. Talk about scary. We got nothing here while I was staying with my awesome grandma. Mmm she fed me the leftovers from her yummy stuffed peppers in my dinner last night. I've made a new cyber friend folks. You remember me mentioning Mango and Party from my last post? Well I've met their daughter Fever aka Fee. She's quite a cutie and a whole 2 days older than me. She's apparently happy about it. Geesh ruin a guys coolness. Here's her link if you haven't visited her blog yet. I highly recommend it. Right now she's dealing with her mom and dad fighting while online. Thank goodness mom and dad haven't resorted to that. Now hopefully I'm posting this correctly.
Yep woohoo! Oh yeah mom's upset with me tonight for puncturing a whole in her milk carton. Geesh I was just enjoying the water that was on the outside of it. What's a guy to do. Oh well grandma's here wanting to get online. Have a good night.



Unknown said...

Hey Ozzy,
We like your new blog site! Good job buddy! We'll keep checkin' in with ya so keep bloggin'.
Your pals,
Butchy & Snickers
P.S. Mom's giving us a bath tomorrow, boo hoo!

Life with Ozzy said...

Mom mentioned something like that too. I don't get the obsession our owners have with bathing us. I think I smell and look just fine!

fee said...

halo ozzy!

i go through that bath ordeal once a week too, slightly more often if i manage to wriggle out to the garden for a nice full-body roll just after the rain!

ahem, just being curious, how heavy are u now? (please don't say anything if it's less than 8kg; my nosey parents are looking in your blog too and will nag me to death if even u weigh less.)


Life with Ozzy said...

Fee my dear I don't know what my kilo would be but I believe I weigh about 25 lbs. Give or take I've gotten a little bigger since my last vet visit and that was @ 21 lbs. Mom gives me a bath once a week also but I do go in the garden hose whenever I can.
Yeah I know your parents are enjoying my blog.
Hope this helps.

fee said...

halo ozzy!

hoorah!!! i checked in an online conversion page:

25 lbs = 11.339 809 kg!

since i am now (shh...) 8.5kg, i am:

8.5 kg = 18.739 292 286 lbs

i must be malnourished! got to make sure everyone knows this so they will have pity on me and nurse me into shape with more food. hee.

do you have any plans for the weekend? my wft parents are coming to visit me and hopefully, we can have some of the cake from the recipe butchy & snickers gave me!

what's a tornado? it sounds like lots of different ice cream swirling around. can i see your mommy's blog too?

good night ozzy!

PS: btw, how did you manage to get hold of that milk carton? u must teach me!