Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19, 2006

Hey guys,
I figured I'd post while my parents are cleaning the room and doing laundry.
Mom's too happy with this new bed. I gotta admit the jump might be higher but oh so worth it. Did I tell you how mom signed me up on Well she did and then she had the nerve to put the cat on also. Well Desiree ends up getting more friends on there than I. Can you believe the feline has more friends than moi? What gives? Well mom proceeds to brag about how Desiree has more buddies than the puppy. Yes that's me and how her and grandma think its funny! What gives?! I figured I'd post a picture of her so you can see the evil cat that tortures me and attacks me.
Mom says I should be nice to hear before she lived with us she lived in a one room house with over 200 cats and dogs. Can you believe having to suffer like that? Sharing a bed and your food with someone else?! I would not go for that.

Dad's having problems with the remote and mom says he's too cheap to break down and buy a new one even though it changes the channels without anyone touching it. Oh yeah that was a fun night with that little dispute going in full blast. Oh before I forget I wanted to wish Axels' mommy a happy belated birthday. Hope she got everything she wanted for her birthday.
OK now with that done mom says I need to get off of here so they can take me for a walk. Hope all are well and cool enough. Take care!


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