Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30, 2006

Wow did I have a blast this weekend. I got to do so much stuff and meet new pups and friends(human types) I can't believe I had such an eventful weekend.
Yesterday I got extra time playing with the hose! Mom said with the weather being so darn hot I deserved more time under the hose. You won't hear any complaints from me.
So then we went to Mills Mansion on Sunday. You might recall me mentioning it in one of my earlier posts. Well we did the whole dog walk thing. Oh that was awesome I made some new friends and one of these days mom says we'll have to take some pictures to share with everyone.
I met a puppy named Gulliver there that was younger than me and bigger than me. Well we walked through these woods and while the other dogs were off leash mom just kept looking at me saying I'm sorry sweetie I'm afraid you'd run away. I might I'm not even sure. Well I walked with this German Shephard named Punto. We then ended up at the river. Oh that was a blast I jumped through the water nose dived too! I met up with this Chocolate Lab named Baron he is my age and we had a blast chasing his ball and jumping through the water. I met a puppy named Gulliver there that was younger than me and bigger than me. Wow Gulliver is a Giant Schnauzer. He had this weird obsession of grabbing my leash and chewing on it. While we were at the river and I was playing in the water he grabbed it and mom finally had had it and took my leash out of his mouth. Thanks mom. I even got to play with this little boy named Jesse he was there with his mom and their dog Shayna. I guess mom said we'll be going back next week which is great because it was great for me and for mom. Mom did get me home and bathe me because I smelt like the river and I was sandy. That was cool because the bath felt good and then afterward we got upstairs and took a nice nap.
I have included a few pictures for you all to view.

This one is me in the bed in the bag mom and dad bought for the new bed. They didn't really think I was going to let them make the bed without any help from me did they?

Now this is of me and my grandma this is how I usually sit in the chair with her or mom. But I'm usually am right behind them. Mom said she tried to get rid of the red eye but just couldn't make it happen. Well this week's going to be a scorcher and that means yep more hose time! She hopes grandma and daddy will be cool at work. I hope so too and I hope all of my friends out there will stay cool too and get plenty of water. Take care.

Wirey hugs,


fee said...

dear ozzy,

what a fun weekend you had! is the skunky smell all gone by now? i'm pet-sitting my friends, lilo and lashes now because their daddy is sick as a dog. my parents came over to spend the weekend too but i finally managed to get my butt online and post some new pix in my blog!


Life with Ozzy said...

Dear Fee,
I'm glad to hear you have new pictures online for me to look at. The skunk smell is mostly gone I just got done with anothe treatment last week. I'm also happy to see you got back online and that you have company for you to play with. I hope their daddy feels better real soon.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I like the look of that hose game! Will have to try that.

Bussie Kissies

Life with Ozzy said...

Buster my friend the hose is the bestest game ever invented. Mom just hates the after effects that causes me to pee too much because I drink too much! So tell your mom and dad to start the hose and have some fun!!