Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5, 2006

Hello All,
Well I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I've been a busy pup.
Well first let me tell you about my friend Fee. She's written a whole post about me on her blog.
I am so flattered and impressed that dogs in Singapore are writing about me. Wow I'm such a lucky dog! Well I just wanted to mention to Miss Fee that I am not a baby even if she is a whole 2 days older than me! That's just wrong. As for her parents not giving her enough treats man that's not nice. Oh by the way my friends I love the whole photo shoot idea. How much fun that had to be.

OK now onto my buddy Axel you have to remember I mentioned him in previous posts. Well him and his parents went to the beach and NJ. Apparently they stopped off in a town called Ocean City NJ and they were going to go to a local dog park to let him play and apparently it was a resident only dog park. Hmm what's up with that? Aren't you guys trying to base your economy on tourism? Well guess what Ocean City you guys suck! I am agreeing with Axel and his folks. The least you guys could have done was made it available to tourist dogs like my buddy Axel. I'm sure not going to let mom and dad take me to Ocean City. It doesn't even sound like a fun place to visit let alone being biased towards us canine tourists.

Now onto my day today. I got to go visit my friend Donna at Shampooch. She got to spend the whole day with me. Isn't she a lucky lady? I know I would think so. She shaved me down trimmed my nails and trimmed me up. Man I am one handsome looking boy!
Mom took pictures of me to share with everyone and told me that if I don't post 'em on my blog she'd sneak online while I was asleep or out and post 'em for me. Man she does NOT play fair!
She did say she'd get better pictures taken of me in a few days she's gotta get dad to get new batteries for the camera.
So I'm gonna post a couple of pictures of me and my cool new do. So here you go enjoy. I tried to post this earlier and it went poof. I'm blaming the cat since she was in my room and near the pc. I'm sure she was trying to ruin my fame in blog land.


Daniella said...

You look so handsome Ozzy! Good haircut dude. And hey, thanks for the support re: Ocean City...we should round up a pack of wires and go bust in there one day. Heh heh.


Unknown said...

Hey Ozzy,
Love the new doo! We both just got ours done by Mom in the last few weeks. Mom says you look so grown up now!!
Butchy & Snickers

fee said...

halo ozzy!

love your new 'do! has your mommy bought new batteries yet? i can't wait to see more pix!

how did your first meeting with your uncle mike go? did you manage to get some treats and toys out of him?


Life with Ozzy said...

Ax man you name the day and time and I'm there busting in to Ocean City with you!
Butchy and Snickers thanks for the compliments my friends but tell your mom maaan I am not grown up!
Fee that mean nasty Uncle Mike came presentless and treatless. I also barked at just because he didn't appeal to me.
Thanks for all the compliments my friends on my new do.

Mango and Party said...

Hi Ozzy,

No no... we are decent parents & we certainly do feed Fee. She is just so starved that it is never ever enough...

Love your hair too. Do come by visiting soon!

Mango & Party