Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been shot!

OMG I was shot yesterday by this foul smelling animal. I've learned that it is called a skunk. Mom and Dad were going balistic because it was going at me and I was trying to attack it and run away from it at the same time. Man get sprayed in the face by that bad boy and you'd run too. Dad and I were in the back playing when the foul vermin walked right by dad and he ran the other way so that it wouldn't go after me. Doesn't think to mention to my mom that there was a skunk around or she swears she would have grabbed me and ran. Well needless to say I was shaking like a weirdo and going crazy because he got my face and maybe some of my eyes. Well next thing you know it's going back in the backyard again and mom and dad are on the porch yelling for me well man I wanted to get my teeth on that bastard for spraying that foul smell in my face. Finally mom and dad distracted it and dad grabbed me. We got to the porch and the horrors continued. I got not one bath but 3. What the hell! I shouldn't be subjected to such abuse when I was the victim in all of this. Mom went out without me comes back and she informs me that I am getting my 3rd bath for the night. Jeez!
Well getting sprayed does have it's advantages. I got some new treats and a new collar because mine is wrecked. I hear there are a few more baths in my future with that fancy stuff mom has found works. Oh Great! Well time to get moving I wanna go get something to eat and push this sympathy card as much and as long as possible.

Not so smelly,


fee said...

dear ozzy,

i hope you are okay! my, what a nasty skunk; it should have been the one punished with the three baths, not you!! what did it smell like?

i'm glad to hear you've been consoled with treats, though. rest well my pal!


Life with Ozzy said...

It smelled awful worst than something dying my mom said worst than a stink bomb my dad said. I don't know what either smell like but from mom's facial expressions I'd say BAD!!!

Wired for Mackie said...

Oh, Ozzy! I wish you had gottne that da*n squirrel..I mean skunk (I can't get squirrels out of my mind). That would have been quite the feat! Your mom and dad should have let you get it since you were already stinky!
Glad to hear you are getting lots of treats. I've been kinda sick lately and I've been getting extra special care too....maybe we should fake it from here on out!
Take care buddy, and stay away from those black and white beasts!
Your pal, Mackie